Monday, October 27, 2008

look out ...ookinek is here ^-^

minna ,You know that cats in Jordan are famous for being skinny and ugly T-T, but ookinek is a different case , he is very fat and handsome (^-^), the first time I saw ookinek he was really hungry so I fed him a peace of burger , of course without mom's knowledge (okasan) , mom hates anything that is alive except humans ( meaning : she does not like animals) T-T
so she always tell us "don't feed cats cause they will annoy me " , well she has a point, every time I feed cats along with my sis , they start coming to our house from all over the neighborhood , Its like they form a network or something lol^-^

ookinek is like a fluffy cushion , whenever I see him I really want to hug and hold him.
here are some pics , the pictures are not clear because they were captured at night (SUMIMASEN)

Posing for the picture

kawaii ne (cute) ;p

The first cat I saw who can finishs a glass of milk

By the way :"why did I named the cat ookinek?"


Kanji_chan said...

Now that's really cute!
Are you sure its a stray cat??

Qutaibah said...

waw cat I have family of cats now :P
my mum hate every thing walk and maybe me too :P when my cats (Namor ) and her kids (Rose ,Jimy ,Black ,Youlios, and Rostom :P) try to find something in the kitchen and u maybe hear her shouting "Qutaiba take ur kids and u out":D
but although of that last year when they found cat dead on the streat like Namor all of my familly being to cry they felt that one from the house lost :P
I love cats

rua said...

kanji chan: yes I am sure, but he appears slim in the pics but he is really really fat(^-^)

I wish I can make him stay at the house but MY MOM HATES ANIMALS( ah I remembered what happened to your hamster)

Qutaiba san: It is really a problem if your mom hates animals , I mean you cant have a pit T-T , I would like to have a dog me and my sis but if course its just a dream ^-^

at least your family has emotions towards animals , mine especially mu brothers don't give a dam (sometimes I just want to kick them) *-*

Biraru said...

nice cat ^^
I like cats very much .. they are very cute ^w^

rua said...

biraru san : ne ^-^

Imo chan said...


i l0ve cats too
ookinek is really cute
give him a BIG hug 4 me

hiro said...

totemo kawaii desu!!
Unfortunately, my son and I have allergy to cats. >_<

rua said...

hiro san: zannen desu ne T-T
demo atashi no okasan wa neko ga daikirai T-T deskara uchi no naka ni neko ga arimasn*-*

Kanji_chan said...

Neko ga ... ? fill in the blank!

rua said...

kanji: ahhhhhhhh, nooooooooo
imasen T-T

SUMIMASEN, arigatou gozaimasu
sensei ^-^