Sunday, October 12, 2008

Even in Ramadan…^-^

The Japanese activities is always on, even in Ramadan we still have a lot of activities that are really interesting, we went to JAAJ for an event prepared by Japanese people who work in JICA office, first they tested our knowledge in Japanese culture, they were really shocked cause our knowledge is good -_^ and then they told us some scary stories, after that we were divided into two teams in order to have a competition, the purpose of the competition is to make one of the members wear the *yukata in a short period of time and the winner team is the fastest .


* is a Japanese summer garment. People wearing yukata are a common sight at fireworks displays and other summer events. The yukata is a casual form of kimono that is also frequently worn after bathing at Traditional Japanese inns. Though their use is not limited to after-bath wear, yukata literally means bath(ing) clothes.


Kanji_chan said...

sugooi!! XD

rua said...

ne the picture is perfect ^-^ you know JICA even in Ramadan lol

Biraru said...

yea.. Yzn san told me about their activities in Ramadan .. sugoi ne~ ^^

"scary stories" .. like what ? (o_O)

by the way, you don't wear Yukata.. did you lost the competition ? :p

rua said...

biraru san : actually its not scary at all , it was a small play by the japanese people totemo sugokatta.

and I am at the same team with Rawand
and my job was to make her wear it^^