Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taboos and limits !


I will start this post with a question. 
Why is it considered wrong to think about the unthinkable ? 
Let me be more specific ! I am talking about religions ! 

Lets face it , there is a stage in every believer's life where he/she starts doubting things and start wanting to see physical proofs on why I wanna be Muslim or christian or whatever ! then the investigation stage starts with this single thought " does god really exists?" and if its true " do we have to have a religion for worshiping ?"

All these questions appear in our lives in a way or another. But then we reason by remembering the fact that it is a believe after all. Meaning I am against Muslims who try to seek god's name "alla" in a piece of fruit or seeking prayer in a bowing tree ! 
I think it is just silly !

So is this contradicting.... nope ! this is how our mind works ! religion should be filled with reason and common sense. However , you will come across things that should be taken as it is ! why ? because god said so. why ? because we are believers, why ? because we want to enter heaven. why ? because this is a reason for our live.

I believe that life is so missed up and filled with injustice. 
There will be punishment for those who do wrong
until then ,I will keep my mind on ! it is nice to have a brain ! after all , this is what makes us special.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another year !

Happy new year !
It is amazing how days are passing real fast. I bit each of us have heard this sentence or even said it before...

Why do we keep feeling like that ! is time passing faster than it used to be or is it just that our achievements in life is getting shorter! I only wonder ...
Maybe when we look for something say a trip or an event , we feel that time is passing real slow ...but when that certain thing finishes ...we feel that it is passing fast ...

Thinking of the years that had passed I achieved a lot el hamdullella !  Graduated from university , worked , had my masters and find the person who I can call my other half ... but recently I feel like I am standing still ! 

Then it hit me! no matter how much I achieved in life or thought that I have , it is never enough ! we should always be grateful for the things we have done or have ,but we should never use it as an excuse for our laziness ... aspiring for more in life whether its education , knowledge or even business is something that should go in parallel with our feeling of gratitude... when you think its enough , you are doomed !>_<

I realized this as I was hearing a religious lecture on the radio this morning. It was about knowledge and how acquiring it never stop ... we will never reach a point in our life where we know everything...
May Allah bless those who develop themselves at all levels ... personal , educational , religion ...etc...

My respect grows for the seekers of knowledge ... 
for the people who try to put excuses for not obtaining knowledge .... there is no excuse ! 
the only obstacle in getting knowledge starts from our-self ! 

You are what you think ! very true ...

bottom line ! what I really wanna change in the new year is my energy level !
I wanna feel energetic in anything I do ! 
You name it ! starting from making a simple recipe to making an invention ... 

I think that the great enemy of knowledge is laziness and giving up to the routine ! 
Keep on dreaming everyone ... what is life without ambition , without adventures ... without ideas ! 

Happy new year everyone :) 

To do list :
1- Boast of energy level 
2- Acquire Knowledge