Sunday, October 12, 2008

Japan Middle East Student Conference (JMESC) 2008 ^-^

It was a very busy week, I participated in a conference that was held at the Japanese embassy, it was for 4 days. Eight university students came to Jordan (they have visited Yemen, Syria and Jordan and they went after that to Palestine, Dubai and Egypt).

The first day we went to Wadi Rum and Petra, the trip was to break the ice and also sightseeing for us and for the Japanese of course.

The actual conference started on the second day, we discussed the definition of “the perfect university” for both the Japanese and the Jordanian side, I made a presentation, everything went well, thank god, and I didn’t sleep the night before だからよかった. After that, we went to a restaurant in downtown; we really enjoyed it, たのしかったです

The third day we discussed a very important issue, “foreigners problem’s”, it was really an interesting topic because there is “Takako saito san” who is an exchange student that lives in Jordan, she told us her experience in Jordan and the problems that she faced. It was a very long and tiring day でも たのしかった^-^

Last day we discussed “peace education”, it was a very sensitive issue but it made me understand more about Japan.

After that we did some cleaning, took some pictures, and held a farewell party , I brought “molokhiya” , everybody liked it , the Japanese side made a lot of delicious dishes  おいしかった, we cried a lot and that’s how the conference ended.ざんえんですT-T

I know very long post but I hope you will like it^-^



al hadede said...
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Qutaibah said...

hi how are u rua chan mabrook al blog (for last comment I found user saved on this comp and I made puplish without notice so that it puplished with other user)

rua said...

I am fine thank you , how are you?
I heard from my sis that you have changed your major, good job ^-^

Kanji_chan said...

I like such events,,they are really great.
Thanks for the nice post and pictures!
I'll add ur blog to my blog list^^
Looking forward for the coming posts! ganbatte~!

rua said...

arigatou , I am very happy to have my own blog , I hope that it will be as good as yours ^-^

thank you for adding meT-T

Biraru said...

wow .. really a busy week .. otsukaresama deashita ^^

even I don't like the discussions but such events are great and interesting ^_^

Biraru said...

mattaku~~ .. another mistake :p

otsukaresama deshita*

rua said...

minasan: arigatou for the comments