Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Starting my own blog at 21

Yesterday was my birthday, I am 21 now!yey!, I feel great I hope that my year will be full of chances and opportunities, reaching 21 is really great ^-^

I realized that I am really lucky to have a lot of good friends T-T

Now when I celebrate my birthday next time I will also be celebrating the birthday of my own blog hopefully ^-^21


Kanji_chan said...

Rua Chaaaaaaaaannn!!!!
So you have a blog now~!
congrats for both the blog and for your birthday :)

rua said...


Biraru said...

atarashii burogu wo omedetou ^^
kore kara Rua san no posuto wo tanoshimi ni shiteimasu ^_^
I'll add your blog to my list ^_^

Biraru said...

By the way .. for your blog's banner you can read last comment in this topic to know how to adjust it ^^

rua said...

biraru: arigatou gozaimasu^-^