Sunday, October 26, 2008

Only one year ^-^

Imagine that only one year has passed since I started learning Japanese , I was always a fan of anime(Japanese cartoons) and interested in Japanese people^0^ but I never thought that learning the language was possible , I am really grateful to k chan because I started learning after meeting her and she was my first sensei ^-^yokatta

And also a big thank you to O sensei and S sensei who went back to Japan , they were really great and made me like Japanese language even more , and of course to T sensei , I have never seen a person like him before ,he is really dedicated and always there for us , also k sensei, she doesn't rest until the picture is clear(until we understand) . and finally my family who always supported me and believed in me more than anyone else .to all of you arigatou gozaimasu, thank you for making learning an adventure that is full of joy T-T

Its like I was reborn again , I mean my personality has changed , my life , even my closest friends. I am like a completely different person that is full of dreams , confidant and ambitious T-T

A lot of people around me think that I am just studying one of the languages in the world, but you know what, Japanese language is more than just a language for me , its like a passion that flows in my blood , this is what I said when oka sensei( My Japanese teacher at JICA) told me "don't forget learning Japanese" before she went back to Japan T-T

so I really want to ask you(minna) a question :"how about you , did learning Japanese changed your life the way it changed mine? I really wanna know!"

Share your thoughts ....jaa^-^


Qutaibah said...

O my God one year over O_O
I cannot believe that...

Kanji_chan said...

Rua chan!!
1 year omedetou gozaimasu!:D
....was it around this time when we started the CSDC nihongo class?..this is amazing!

Needless to say, Japanese is one of my everyday life essentials...don't get me started on this because I can talk about it for ever!..:D

rua said...

I cant believe that I used to live without Japanese language T-T

when I think about my level at Japanese now , I really cant believe that only one year has passed ^-^

Even your nihongo class kanji chan, my friends told me about it because "gazazethom "from talking about Japan and anime all the time^-^
I think that it was gods plan to learn nihongo, I am really thankful^^

Qutaibah said...

when I think how I was befor learning nihongo and after that I cant realize how was I live without just thinking in nihon ?
every one said to me "u are crazy we think in the east and u in the west" :P
and the same thing happend to me 'gazazthom':P

about ur question yea its changed and change all parts of my life

Imo chan said...


its me Imo chan :P

how r u Rua, nice blog ^^

well for me larning japanese wasn't in my list dreams befor i met K chan
but it really changed my life
but because of studying i didn't study nihongo >.<
so be gratefull ^^

ja ne ~ ^^

rua said...

Qutaiba san: yeah , I know that sometimes people are judgmental when you say that you are studying nihongo , demo it makes me even stronger and it encourage me to learn more ^-^

Imo chan:
ohisashiburi da ne.
do your best with your subjects at university , and when you have break or free time , you can study nihongo.
don't worry about it a lot ^-^