Monday, March 26, 2012

BACK TO JAPAN AGAIN but this time its different !!

Dear readers of my blog,

yes I know that I didn't write here for a long time and maybe you thought as I THOUGHT that this blog died but in fact, its still alive OvO. this blog means a lot to me , every time I feel there is something in my mind I just write it here and feel relaxed so nope its not over yet ^_^

Anyway, I am back to Japan now after staying for one month in my beloved country the one and only Jordan. I spent an amazing time with my family and friends , it was great.
during my stay in Jordan, I discovered how much lucky I am , I know my blessings and when I say " el 7amdullellah" I feel it in every instance of my body... its not just a word that I am used to say , its something that I feel every time I take my breath... al 7amdullellah.

I always asked allah after my prayers to give me a peace of my mind and alla did give me peace of mind... I am more certain now that indeed alla is the designer of my life, loves me so much and of course wiser than me so I will leave things up to god and I know that happiness will eventually come ^_^( not that I am not happy now)

I am back to Japan and I am settled in my cute home, but the feeling is different than before... how different ? you might wonder...
well, I am happier now , I feel like cooking which is something I didn't feel before , I like my apato more , I like the air , I like everything ...

SUB7AN ALLAH when you have a good mood your whole environment changes and when u truly trust alla and leave everything to him walla it differs ... your world changes! and this give me a thought that I cant stop from having ... Did I believe in alla before? I think that I always believed in alla , but a cloud covered my mind and heart during one year and made things not so clear to me ...but el 7amdullella spring came into my heart and mind and removed the vagueness away ^_^

I will ensha2alla try to make more posts maybe with spring coming I will take pictures of amazing sakura and share it with you guys^_^

until next post , fi aman alla ^_^