Monday, June 29, 2009

what a day ^^

Hi minna ,

Friday was really fun and interesting , I really enjoyed it ,it was my oniichan (older brother) graduation ceremony .

I didn’t see my university since a year , I really missed JUST , although studying in JUST was extremely hard but I really enjoyed every second in it , anyway , first ahmad’s friends came to the house , K san , M san and T san , they r ahmad’s childhood friends , they r really good and nice ^^

we arrived at JUST at 4 pm and the ceremony started at 5 , it was amazing , the dj was really stupid , but it was fine , I am proud of my older brother , he is the first of his class , I wish him the best in life , he will be a very successful man in the future .

anyway, enough talking , the pictures will tell the story better than me , so , hope you will enjoy ^^

K san was really nice , he brought us water , it was really hot *_*
tasukete kurete arigatou ;p

This is where the graduation took place ^^ ( notice how empty it is )

The one wearing the eyeglasses is my brother ( he was just showing off ^^) ;p baka mitai lol

jaa ~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grandmom , thank god ^^

Lately I felt really unstable and worried because my grandmamma entered the hospital. She is very old and she has diabetes, she broke her leg, and also her toe was swollen so we were really worried especially mom, we let her enter the Basheer hospital, it turned to be the worst decision ever T-T

Basheer hospital , is the worst hospital in the face of earth , humans have no value at that hospital , doctors are bad , nurses have no emotions (most of them) and the staff from doctors to the cleaning people are rude *-* it was like a nightmare , there is no medical attention , my grandma’s toe was bad but after coming to the hospital , it didn’t get better , vice versa , it turned worse , and they removed her toe , the stupid doctors wanted to send her home after the operation and they didn’t even try treating her broken leg , I mean what kind of a hospital is that!!!! it is the worst .

They told us that she can’t walk again and that they will do an operation for her to let her sit, we were really depressed, we actually felt happy when they told us that she can sit again , at the last minute , they refused and they said that the sugar level is unstable and that they can’t and will not take the responsibility , they said that she might die ( doctor profession is all about responsibility , isn’t it??) , but it turned to be a blessing of god that this is what happened.

Anyway, we immediately transferred her to a private hospital, the same day she was transferred she had the operation and guess what, my grandmamma can walk again !!!^^

I realized a fact, people always say that “money can’t buy happiness “ , yeah , right ,well guess what ? , it can buy happiness , and health which is more important , so I will work extremely hard , hopefully one day , the public hospitals will be as good as the private ones .

I hope that nobody will get sick , but in case you do , I think that we should be ready to face the fact that , money can sometimes buy health ^^

so minna , I hope nothing bad will happen to you ^^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Arabi song ^^

Hi minna , I dont usually listen to arabic songs , I always listen to English and Japanese songs , but lately , I fell in love with fadel shaker song , it is called "faker" , I like the lyrics , the music and the singing .

so even if you are not a fan of arabic music , I hope you will like this song as much as I did ^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Party at K sensei house ^^

hi minna , long time no post , I have been busy , now I am finally relaxed and free again, anyway, yesterday was k sensei no party , it was really fun, I was really surprised when I walked into her house to find the entire level there except d san , k sensei has prepared a lot of Japanese dishes , we enjoyed eating and listening to Japanese music , we really had fun.

I hope that everyone will be happy in their life , yesterday I felt that everyone at the party enjoyed their time , I am really happy for them , and may all our life be like a party , full of joy and fun ^^

Enjoy the pictures ^^

Japanese food , Ramen , sushi , salad and many dishes ^^

Monday, June 8, 2009

My grandmom entered the hospital T-T

Hi all ,

today ,I was really shocked when I returned home to find that my grandmamma is in the hospital , she is so weak , she fell down and broke her leg , she is so old and weak , it made me realize more the painful fact that human beings get weak as they grow older T-T

it was like a shock for me , it was so sudden , I wish that she can get out of it fast , she will spent time in the hospital as she might need an operation to fix her broken leg , ah , life is so hard .

so see ya next post , everyone T-T