Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have made okonomiyaki ^^

Hi minna ,

I can officially say now that I have made my first okonomiyaki ^^, jitsu wa ( the truth is) that my brother wanted me to make it for him because I have been talking a lot about how delicious it is , and I have eaten it before in M sans house ,so he wanted to taste it and he was really excited , so minna , I wanna share the recipe with you.


6 eggs , one glass of flour , konbuda ( it is like maji) , shrimps , half a cabbage


Mix the eggs and the flour , and put some salt and pepper with it .


Put the shrimps and mix it well^^


After that you can add the cabbage ^^


Prepare the pan and use a non stick pan , it is better ^^


first try

final result

I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did .

Monday, May 25, 2009

Donuts that I had made ^^

Hi minna ,

My little brother asked me to make him donuts , I told him that I cant , but he brought a cooking book to me , opened it at the page of "how to make donuts " , I didnt want to make them at first , but when I saw how he really wanted them , and how he was willing to help me make them , I decided to make donuts ^^

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Japanese-Language Program for Overseas Students (Outstanding Students) 2009

hi minna,

I am really happy , I passed the exam , it was really hard , it was 5 levels more than the 5 levels in JICA , but I PASSED , and guess what, I am going to Japan in sept , yeah ^-^

thanks to K sensei and T sensei who encoureged me to take the exam , without them ,non of this would be possible ^-^

and sorry for not postiong lately , it is just that I have been extremely busy in work , so sorry guys T-T

see ya

Monday, May 4, 2009

goofing around ;p

Hi everyone ,

ok now , at my work , I really enjoy the company of a sweet girl called B san , we goof alot so , this is our latest
work ^-^

me ...

The original photo ..

and the first one is not real , It was really fun watching the faces of people who were tricked by this image , hehehe

amazing night ^-^

For all the people that always check out my blog, I am really sorry for not blogging recently, I was extremely busy T-T

anyway , I went to my best friend engagement , I was really shocked when she told me that she is getting married because she wasn't thinking about it in the first place, It just happened , I really enjoyed my time , I was very happy for her ,
She was like a princess with her beautiful green dress, and her expressions were amazing too, I have seen also some old friends that were with me in the university We danced, joked and had a blast .

Her mother and father where glad and happy that I came, I know that one day (in the long future) when I get married she will
be there for me.

I returned home early, the engagement party started at 6 pm, I was at home by 8 30 pm, high heels sucks, my feet was in pain the Whole night, and also I hate makeup but I put some last night, so other than that I enjoyed the night .

I wish my best friend happiness and a good future with the lucky guy that she is going to marry because she deserves the best.