Monday, October 13, 2008


I started working at CCS; it is a company that works in the banking field which means Oracle.

At first I felt like an outsider, but everyone was nice to me, and they are so young ^-^ and this made the communication much easier^-^ よかった

After one week, I discovered that my friend “na2elah chan” from Just is training in the same company ^=^ I was so happy ^-^ and she moved into my office ^-^

What is the best thing that I liked in the company!...Guess what...The toilet lol^-^


nana said...

walla ya ro2a u were extra ryt abt the W.C
and i was extra extra extra happy to find u
u cnt imagin the section i was rain in be4 i came to the section u r in it was full of guys and i was abt to cry bt nw
ma basde2 wella ajy 3shan a23od m3 be el maktab
t.c partner

nana said...

yeeeeee fe mistakes be el writtin
i meant
"the section i was trainin in was full of guys and nw am extra happy and excited to train with u in ur office
t.c partner "

Biraru said...

shigoto wo omedetou ^^
ganbare~ (^o^)b

rua said...


nana said...

be el zabt ana fahmeh