Monday, February 23, 2009

DAM - Who's a Terrorist?

Hi minna , I didn’t know about this band before , it is called "Dam" which means "blood" in English ^-^

Dam is a Palestinian rap band that was established at 1998 , I really like their songs , the one I like the most is called “meen erhabe “ which means “who is a terrorist?”

DAM - Who's a Terrorist?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The big day ^-^

Minna san , the big day will be at 7/3/2009 , to all participants at both the haiku and the speech contest , gambarimashou ne ^_-

lets have fun through the whole process cause this is the most important thing ^-^
good luck minna ^-^

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My favorite band…news^-^

I love J-pop a lot , the thing that made me love J-pop that much is the existence of a cute , cool band named news .

I will not talk about them, instead see this video, I hope that you will like this song , and for all people who's birthday is today , this song is dedicated to you ^-^

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wow , great episode OvO

I have watched a lot of documentary about Japan before, but yesterday I have watched a TV program on “Abu-Dhabi” channel , the program is called “khotwa” which means “step” in English , it was really interesting and fun to watch , the cast of this program went to Japan with the support of the Japanese government to let the Arabic viewer know about the success experiences that the Japanese people have been through , rich culture , their commitment , ethics , their determination and how they raised after the world war 2.

The episode presented many documentary videos that showed Japanese culture, customs, traditions, education and family, it showed also how the Japanese women manage between work and home, also a video showed the spirit of team work that the Japanese people have and accurate work.

The program also interviewed people working in Nissan and Arabic people studying in JAPAN, it was amazing, the best way I have seen in representing Japan ever.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daiso…Yokatta TvT

I remembered the times when I used to walk with my friends through the mall searching for a Japanese product, or the times when we wished that we can find anything that has to do with the Japanese culture, or something that has Kanji writing over it T-T

Well, this is the past friends and all of the people that is in love with Japanese products and Japans culture, because Daiso is here, It is a Japanese store that sells Japanese products (like el mo5taar *-*), and Daiso will have another branch in Mecca mall opening soon, prepare your self to the coming information, most of the items there are only 2 Jd ^-^( but after gathering lots of things you will be shocked by the amount of money u will pay T0T).

I am really glad that finally our wish minna came true (banzai, banzai \(^-^)/)

Now, enjoy the pics , and this store is in the Isteklal mall by the way V(^-^)o

minna , you should all go there ^-^

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gazing at the contemporary World ^-^

Hi minna ^-^

Yesterday I went to an exhibition that introduced the contemporary photography of Japan. From the 1970s to the present day. the exhibition contained the work of a 23 photographers , it was really interesting , the pictures taken reflect the Japanese society , the transformation of it , and the people who live in it ^-^

I really enjoyed the pictures, also I met the new ambassador, he was really nice, I wish him luck in Jordan.

Although the weather was cold and rainy, but for me it was a very lovely evening.

ok, enjoy the pictures (the pics are not clear because it was taken from a mobile , sumimasen deshita)

I liked Hiromi Tsuchida photo, it is called Tokyo 2002 from
the series "New Counting Grains of Sand"

Tokuko Ushioda From the series "Ice Box", 1988

I felt the his work is special (it looks normal but I liked his work it)

jaa, see you next post ^-^

Monday, February 2, 2009

What a wonderful weekend^-^

I spent a very lovely weekend, I gotta tell you, nothing better than seeing very good friends after a very long time^-^and that what happened, I went to A Chan's house and I spent a very nice evening talking about stuff we had to do, news band, and of course we talked about Japanese grammar like we always do, It was really amazing.

On Saturday , I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the day , but then after sleeping well till 11 , I felt much better , I went out with my best university friends that I love from the bottom of my heart, my instructors, Dr. Q and Dr. M also came (My favorite instructors at the university), I also met Dr.Q's friend, Z san , he knew him since university , I really wish that we will stay like them after many years from now, I have seen my whole friends that I missed so much , first ,after meeting and talking about how we have been lately... , we went to eat breakfast at 1 pm(I know!! Weird ne!) , so, we went to a place that have the most delicious omlets ever , and we enjoyed eating there until 3 pm , after that, we went to play bowling , I was really afraid of making a fool out of myself since it is my first time playing this game ,we went to kimpinski 's bowling hole , and we had a blast , at first I was acting like a fool , but then I made a "strike" that made my day (can you believe it , I still can't o_O) , then we went to Mecca mall , we went to the last floor where the games are , We played against each other , and guess what? I won .I discovered that I like the feeling of winning ^-^what a great feeling, I hope that all our lives will be bright and full of success.

After that ,I was really happy watching S kun making a fool out of himself riding rodeo ,I filmed it , and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did^-^
The day was long and funny,when I returned home I was tired but it was one of the best days of my life that I will never ever forget , I love my friends , they are my life ^-^(love you guys , hope that we will remain good friends forever).

Well, I talked a lot, enjoy the pictures ^-^

our food^-^

Bowling Hole