Sunday, November 2, 2008

Graduation ceremony at the embassy ^-^

Last Saturday was my graduation ceremony (I can’t wait to start level 4), it was held at the embassy of Japan,the ceremony was great, I really enjoyed it, and a lot of people came.

First, the graduation ceremony started with T sensei speech, he encouraged us to continue studying Japanese (がんばります\(^-^)/),then it was followed by the head of JICA speech, after that the big moment came , certificates were handed to all levels , it was a great moment(やった)T-T

The food was delicious, it was prepared by S san(おいしかったです) ^-^

I enjoyed misu soup, and also it was my first time making onigiri (面白かった)

A movie was screened, “5 centimeters per second” (まことしんかいさんのえいが, I like this person alot , he visited Jordan before , he is a source of inspiration for me ). I went at the beginning of the movie to bring a drink, I noticed that S san was cleaning so I started cleaning with her and forgot all about the movie, but it was really great, the feeling of being involved and useful in something(Sさんおつかれさまでした), anyways while I was cleaning, there was a problem in the movie and the event ended at 3:00.

Finally, T sensei took pics with his amazing camera (ありがとうございますT せんせい)




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rua said...

hai gambarimasu ^-^

Biraru said...

sorry for being late, but ...

おめでとうございます ^^
これからも頑張ってください (^_^)b

rua said...

biraru san : arigatou gozaimasu ^-^