Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taboos and limits !


I will start this post with a question. 
Why is it considered wrong to think about the unthinkable ? 
Let me be more specific ! I am talking about religions ! 

Lets face it , there is a stage in every believer's life where he/she starts doubting things and start wanting to see physical proofs on why I wanna be Muslim or christian or whatever ! then the investigation stage starts with this single thought " does god really exists?" and if its true " do we have to have a religion for worshiping ?"

All these questions appear in our lives in a way or another. But then we reason by remembering the fact that it is a believe after all. Meaning I am against Muslims who try to seek god's name "alla" in a piece of fruit or seeking prayer in a bowing tree ! 
I think it is just silly !

So is this contradicting.... nope ! this is how our mind works ! religion should be filled with reason and common sense. However , you will come across things that should be taken as it is ! why ? because god said so. why ? because we are believers, why ? because we want to enter heaven. why ? because this is a reason for our live.

I believe that life is so missed up and filled with injustice. 
There will be punishment for those who do wrong
until then ,I will keep my mind on ! it is nice to have a brain ! after all , this is what makes us special.