Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday I finished level 3 exam and I passed with a good mark T-T , I was really busy it was very hard for me to study this time , I like studying Japanese more than any subject but I was busy with my work and having a lot of Japanese activities didn't help either #_#

The graduation ceremony will be held at the Japanese embassy on 1 November. we will have many activities:
1- Handing certificates
2- Watching a movie
3- Eating some Japanese food

I am glad that I finished level 3 , It was enjoyable and exciting , now I can officially say that I know Kanji ( Just 45 but I will learn all of them^-^ ganbarimasu) I cant wait , I wanna start level4^-^wish me luck minasan



Qutaibah said...

Omedetou Guzaimasu Rua chan for pass this exam with a good degree and for starting in level 4 in near future :)
thats mean u are first person from nihongo class pass learning nihongo to speach contest
oku Omedetou Guzaimasu & Gunbatte Kudasai

YzN said...

Omedetou Rua-chan !^^
rafa3ty rasna :D
o 3o2bal el lvl 5 (^o^)y

ed3eely ana emte7any lvl 1 on 29/10....
next week is gonna be ultra crowded with exams !

3 in uni and 1 for nihongo !!!!

Kanji_chan said...


rua said...

Qutaiba san: arigatou , I cant wait to start level 4 , and thank you for encouraging me^-^

Yzn san: allah ywaf2ak in your exam in uni and in nihongo^-^

kanji chan: arigatou gozaimasu^-^

Biraru said...

omedetou~~ \\(^o^)//
good luck in level 4 ^^

rua said...

arigatou biraru san^-^