Thursday, July 29, 2010

wow Japanese Garden in Abdoun OvO

Hi minna,

I was really surprised when I visited the Japanese embassy of Japan website and found out about the Japanese Garden in Abdoun, this is just great ^^

I will put it in my to do list when I visit Jordan in August ^^

It was designed according to traditional Japanese gardens dating back to ancient times by Japanese garden expert Mr. Fukuda, exhibiting main elements of water, rock, plants, and bridges, in addition to a special area allocated for making tea.

The Garden’s elements were brought over from Japan whereas some rocks and stones have been brought from the Dead Sea, Al Mafraq and Petra. The stones have been amended and arranged to match the classical mode of design of the Japanese garden and a special place has been allocated for tea making.

wow great news ,to see more about this go to the Japanese embassy website in Jordan bellow:

see you next post

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking forward to the trip to Izu ^^

Hi minna ^^

I am so excited about the trip to Izu ,what the hell is Izu?, where is izu ? (this is the questions in going in your mind right now ne )!!

well Izu is large mountainous peninsula with deeply indented coasts to the west of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of the island of Honshū.

I will stay there for one night in a ryokan which is a traditional Japanese inn in which floors are made of tatami (Traditional Japanese mats), there is an onsen (hot spring, first time), and ryokan Typically provides guests with a yukata to wear.

and also in Izu we will do momo tabehoudai (which means eat as much as u can of peaches , from the tree directly).

I am looking forward to it , it will be at 31 July , I will upload pictures after I come back so tanoshimi ni ^^

hai ja ne ^_^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HI everyone , ohisashiburi T_T

minasan , hi ^_^

I am back again (tadaimaaaaaa), sorry >_<, I didn't post anything to my poor blog for a long long time , but I was really busy with my new life in Japan, Japanese classes and also preparing for my entrance examination for continuing masters in Japan T_T

It was really hard emotionally and physically tiring >_< but the good news is that I passed the entrance examination and I WILL be starting on September at SFC campus /Keio university, I am so relaxed now^_^

so what I am doing right now !! basically I am going to interesting places in Japan , went to furin festival that was held in kawasaki daishi(furin is the traditional Japanese Graden bells),hanabi (fireworks) wearing yukata(Traditional cloths) and Disney sea and many other places, next on my list in Hakone which is a very nice area that is really near mountain fuji (fuji san , this will be ensha2allah my first time), I will stay the night there in a nice traditional hotel^_^

from now on I will try to update my blog , I am so sorry for not updating it , there was no time T_T

see ya soon