Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long day at work...O_o

My day at work was really weird, first the electricity went down at 10 Am , I was supposed to have my first training along with my partners( ayman san & Ahamad san), it was very boring waiting for electricity T-T , anyway the training was postponed to the next day.

After that, my sempai "Sumaia san" started talking about a new hot drinks machine at the cafeteria.
I was really excited when she mentioned " hot chocolate" , so we decided to try it , OK so what was the problem?
well, we didn't have change ( we needed 20 piaster for each one of us (5 people)) T-T
So we started wondering between the offices asking for change *-* , we spent almost 30 minutes looking for change, finally we collected the amount that we needed^-^

First I went with Ayman san , we kept staring at the machine like it was an alien or something , so we waited for someone to order and watched closely what he did in order to imitate what he was doing 6-6

After that , it was our turn , Ayman ordered first , he put the money , ordered and then he selected the amount of sugar he wants , nothing was wrong right .....guess again the cup was missing and the machine poured the drink in the air T-T I tried to save what was left but the cup was stuck T-T

So, imagine the situation , after all the humiliation that he has been through in order to get his 20 piaster , his drink was

but thank god that my drink was safe and sound...^-^ TOTEMO OISHIKATTA
so what do you think??? nice day ne

The machine

Inside the machine ..
when I went to capture the photos the maintenance guy asked
me why? and then he gave me another cup ...UreshikattaT-T

The other cup was pure chocolate..OISHIKATTA


Kanji_chan said...

so far 2 posts about coffee!
I feel that you go there just for that machine! :D

rua said...

I tried the old coffee machine just once, then they brought a new hot drinks machine(not coffee) , I wanted to try it , oishikatta^-^

Qutaibah said...

Hahaha I want to say
like Kanji chan says :P:P;p

rua said...

minna oni mitai T-T