Saturday, January 29, 2011

The glorious revoluation in Tunis !!

hi readers of my blog ^^

I don't know guys if you have been watching the news lately or not?
The Arab world is on fire! they finally woke up from their long sleep and started demanding for change and their basic right of self determination, this is a moment that I have been waiting for as an Arab individual.

This Arab's revolution happening -including what is happening now in Egypt- started after the glorious Tunisian revolution.

The Tunisian revolution was not just out of poverty and hunger as many people think , its more than that. Its people's revolution with a clear political demand, its not just about hunger and need for food, its for preserving dignity as well. it came along with people's realization of their needs.
Humiliation and injustice are what made people angry, people could have been patient about their hunger and situation in a certain environment ( if the whole country is poor) ,however. when individuals live in a corrupt society where there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor, now this is what creates real anger!

Its a glorious revolution from the Tunisian people themselves, parties didn't take a role in this great revolution.

It didn't just started because of "mohammad albuazizi" incident - a young guy that took his life by burning himself - according to what the media said ! Many young people did that in other countries but nothing happened!!
It triggered an already bad and corrupted situation , people where ready for this revolution, with high level of corruption, high levels of education with high percentage of unemployment. All of this contributed to the birth of this revolution.
dictatorship and this system directed young people to the Media, they started discussing these issues on facebook , twitter and many other media channels.
the feeling that other people on the cyper world and in this globe living in a different way and in a much better situation ,having democracy , living in dignity , along with the incident of this young guy burning himself helped in turning this anger into a revolution that resulted in bringing this system down and the president leaving the country.

The ability of the high educated people of Tunis to demonstrate without leadership is just amazing, they took the initiative and stood against the government.
The army also played a good role in all of this , they protected the security of the people instead of the system , that wasn't expected and surprised everyone ,this show how great and patriot they are.
they realized that they are part of the people and understood what the people needed and wanted, this in fact, threatened the president and made him understand that he should leave!!

The revolution process started with burning a few buildings and destroying private properties, but as the revolution went on, people realized that these properties are public owned, the demonstration changed into a peaceful one that asked for stopping corruption and to return money. Demonstrations matured and turned into an organized one, which shows again how patriot the Tunisians are.

what is happening in the Arab world - including Tunis - is its focus on economic growth without actual development. this is mainly caused from only exporting employees and services to foreign countries , selling raw materials and tourism that doesn't really contribute to the real development of the country.
The main dependency on tourism for example, increases the prices in real estates which leads to the inability to buy houses, development of certain areas , destroying agriculture and the later leads to the internal migration from one place to another without the development of the agricultural sector ( that of course threaten the food security ).

even if there is real development, it doesn't always mean right distribution , corruption and nondemocratic systems lead to a worse situation in which only certain people get the benefits of this development (the uppers of the society). the uppers get it all and the rest of the people don't enjoy the fruits of this so-called development.

anyway , after bringing down the system, Tunis now is in the process of turning into a free country, the people want to take responsibility , and they are well educated and capable of doing so. There is a challenge now facing the Tunisians in changing the system and moving toward democracy , but I think that Tunisians can do it, Tunis is the first Arab country moving toward democracy , I hope that it will be a success so that other Arab countries follow their steps.

Tunis, what a great country and a good example for other Arab countries to follow!!

I am so happy and proud of Tunisians..

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year !!

I don't know if there are people reading my blog since I didn't post a lot lately (sorry for that), but oh well, as I promised I will do a post about what I did with my best friend Kanji chan in new year ^_^

First of all , I know its late now to say "Happy new year " but , HAPPY NEW YEAR^_^

Before new years day, I went with my friend K chan to the Olympic center near yoyogi koen(park) , a lone with more than 300 people from different countries ,we participated in many activities, basically we did the things that Japanese people do in new year. it was fun, I remembered when I first came to Japan in 2009 , I participated in a similar program so it was really natsukashii, for my friend kanji chan it was even more natsukashii(since she came to the same center when she first came to Japan).

At the first day , we felt that it was hard since we had to wake up early in the morning to start the activities ( we were like what the hell did we put ourselves into !!T_T), our day started with radio taisou 6 30 am( JAPANESE way of sports ), then we had the most delicious breakfast ever T_T ( long time since I had good food ), then as usual ice breaking activities.

Our first day was really hard, but it got better the next day when we started making stuff , we made something called "kadomatsu" which is a traditional Japanese craft that they do in new year ( nowadays they buy it from stores) , and also we made "futomaki" ( which is a traditional Japanese sushi that Japanese eat in new year).
it was really fun, but still at the end of the day we were tired and all we wanted to do is to sleep.

Also we had to do a performance, here is the thing , because we were more than 300 people , we were divided into 29 groups and each group had to make a performance at the end, and there was a contest between groups, it was really hard since my group chose to perform "soran bushi"(which is a Japanese traditional dance) that require many moves , it was like sports.

At the end it was really a nice experience , I met a lot of people, and in a matter of 3 days I really got along with my group and we shared a lot in such a short time, we were so touched at the end as we know that we will be apart from each other and we may not see each other , not because we are in a different country (we live in Japan)but because each of us is really busy with life in Japan>_<

here are some pics ^^

enjoy ...

Traditional Japanese craft in new year (Kadomatsu)^_^

Look how long the futomaki that we did ( sushi in new year)^_^

futomaki ^_^

My group leaders ^_^

I miss the food we used to have T_T

here is a song that the Olympics center played during the whole program

and this is soran bushi dance , we didnt dance as good as they are T_T

anyway , this was it , I hope you enjoyed it...see ya next post

jaa ne

Monday, January 17, 2011

Plaestanian-Israeli conflict ... peace , really !!

Today talking with my friend at the dorm , I used the word hate , I said I hate Israelis ,she replied saying "Hate" is a really big word O_O with this expression on her face (I love you alex ), but is it ?? I was really emotional since this issue is a sensitive one , I mean its not like this is something people experience everyday , how can you understand the feeling that Palestinians feel everyday when you never lost one of your friends in a bomb!! or got your relatives killed from an Israeli army!!

civilians are killed every day , reporters are killed everyday, until now I have relatives who live in Palestine , they are not having access to what is considered basic needs in the world, deprived from water , food , agriculture and everything , even deprived from living as a child, and then resistance to this situation , saying no to the occupation , saying no to the people who killed our moms , our sisters , to the people who destroyed and still destroying our culture , our lands , our country is considered terrorism !!!!

why is it considered patriot in other occupied countries and terrorism in the case of Palestine (lucky for me all the sensei agree with me on this , we are on the same page , maybe because they did a lot of fieldwork and actually lived with people who died from hunger , so maybe they understand) , maybe because we need a further deep recognition than the weak international law !! its just the matter of power , Iraq was destroyed and more countries will , its just a balance of power... no one cares about peace... no one really does ...peace is a nice word that doesn't exist in our world anymore , its just like a delusion..what peace , we never had peace in the history of human kind , this is sad, but this is also true...

I came to a realization that its not the Israelis that I really hate, its the state of Israel !

I mean ok its not a matter of co-existence with them, we lived with Jews and Christians before the occupation and we were totally fine with it, even in our Islamic history its forbidden to kill civilians , to disturb people and even its forbidden to burn a tree when you have a war with another country, but in Islam we have something "fight back the people who kills you" , I mean isn't that's natural! I mean even if you don't have a religion , this is what logic says , you defend yourself!!or else the enemy will kill you O_O

its not about co-existing with Israelis ,its about the refugees that was expelled from there land in order for them to exist!! does it even make sense , to come to a country and just kick the indigenous people just like that !! isn't it even fair ?? in what standards its fair ?

what about our right to return back to our country and origins!! this is not something that we will let go of ,as long as we have breath, we Palestinians , will go back, someday , we will...

its easy to take your information and believe all what you see and hear from the mass media ,its really easy,but what is happening in reality is far from what we learn in schools about love and hate, about peace and war ,if you never experienced something as ugly as war , or the loss of someone u really love then how can you know ...the answer for that is so simple , you don't !!

peace until the next post...

this is a poet if you are interested ^-^

Write down!
I am an Arab
You have stolen the orchards of
My ancestors
And the land which I cultivated
Along with my children
And you left nothing for us
Except for these rocks…
So will the State take them
As it has been said?!
Write down on the top of the first page:
I do not hate people
Nor do I encroach
But if I become hungry
The usurper’s flesh will be my food
Of my hunger
And my anger!

From the poem Identity Card by Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

loads of work and exams !!

Dear readers of my blog , sorry for not updating this blog recently >-<

I will try to post about the event that I participated with kanji chan in the new year holiday because I think that it may be interesting ^-^

today I have a world economy exam , I liked this subject a lot , although there are a lot of concepts that are hard to understand at first but I still like it , however I hate the concept of studying for a grade >-<

kyou ganbarimasu (I will do my best)

until the next post jaa ;p