Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nicolas Vujicic…a living miracle^-^

Yesterday I watched on TV something that really amazed me, it was so inspiring so I wanted to share it with you みなさん.

It was an interview with an Australian guy called “Nicolas”, he is 24 years old, born without arms and legs, he was depressed in his childhood because he was very lonely and also because he believed that he is the only one suffering in the world, he tried to commit suicide many times, but his parents kept encouraging him, so he completed his education and he even got three certificates in economy and business management in 2003 O_o

Guess what he can do?

He can swim, ride horses, do sports (golf & soccer), he was able to overcome his disability and he became the president of “Attitude is altitude” (one of the biggest NGO’S in America), and also a president of two big successful companies in the field of economy in Australia.

Now he is helping anyone with a disability and this is by making a healthy environment, he has been traveling around the world and communicate with governments and NGO’S to change the societies attitude toward disabled people and make them more involved in their societies^-^ He visited 19 countries hoping that he could spread hope to everyone with or without a disability T-T

Talk about the power of change, I was really encouraged to do my best in life^-^
Nick is an inspirational speaker and says, "Motivation gets you through the day, but inspiration lasts a lifetime."


Check out his website ^-^


YzN said...

hi Rua !
ひさしぶり です ね。
I see you work in a great company now, and you are still active as before -maybe more- good for you ^^

I've read the post and I can feel what you are talking about,
Humans posses unimaginable abilities and Power if they set their mind to something, Nothing can stand in their way or Destroy their ambitions....
That's the greatest power we have; the Power of Determination !

sorry for this such long talk -but this post moved me- and if I may add......Look at the man's smile, you can feel that he's unbeatable

rua said...

Hi , I hope that you are doing well in your life^-^

I was really inspired when I heard and watched his story , he has faith in god and enjoys his life to the max^-^

I will try to do my best in life , even if things are not working with me the way I want , I will always try^-^

thank you for the comment6_6

hiro said...

Oh, he reminds me of one Japanese, Mr. Hirotada Ototake. He doesn't have arms or legs innately. I read his book and I was also very impressed. He said in the book, "Handicap is inconvenient, but it doesn't mean unhappiness."
He lives very positively. He taught me a lot from the book. :p

hiro said...

Ah, you can see the book with his picture.


rua said...

arigatou hiro san^-^