Monday, August 24, 2009

First night of Ramadan; p

Well, I have spent my first night in Ramadan outside, The Japanese people just came from Jerusalem and I wanted to see them , so I met arap chan at 8:15, we were the only ones that arrived on time T_T so we stayed and talked about girls stuff, I really enjoyed talking to her alone, after all she is my best friend ^^,then fahad , sultan , amane and arisa chan came all at once , I was really happy to see them.

We went to donuts house , I didn’t order anything , I was so full , no space T_T , we had alot of fun ;p

I returned home at 11:00 , chotto late but its ok ;p

ehab ( green T-shirt , he already went to japan , the same program , his advices were good ) , sultan and fahed , amane chan , ahmad kun , arap chan , tohoko chan , arisa chan , yohei kun , yodai kun , masako chan ^^

and this is it everyone ^^ mata ne ^^

sultan , fahed , masako chan , mahoko chan ^^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan Kareem^^

Mina san , first of all , I wanna say to all of you "Ramadan kareem" , I know that its gonna be a little hard this year since its hot and the days are long , but this way we can all sense the suffering of the poor people, I hope that Ramadan this year will be better than the last year , minna pray and read the holy Quran a lot, I hope that this year all our sins will be washed away , I wish you all a happy Ramadan ^^

Ok , back to my news ;p LAST NIGHT , I went with my best friend arap chan, ahmad (oniichan) to mecca mall to help ahmad pick up a gift for someone , he bought an amazing scarf ^^, and then I bought the same blouse that arap chan has bought , I will wear this blouse in Japan , so this way arap chan will always be with me ^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JMESC and me ^^

Hi everyone, this year, I didn’t participate in the Jmesc but my best friends did and that’s arap and fafybloom , I was really busy with work ^^

I went out with the Japanese and of course my best friends, we went to Mecca mall , I really had fun , I found out that I love arap and fafybloom more than I THOUGHT T_T ( and of course I knew how much they love me , they kept talking about me and sis in front of the Japanese , when I met the Japanese they said to me “ you must be rua” , so I love u guys , thank you for always remembering me) ^^

Also , I was thinking a lot lately and I realized that I was killing myself in my own thoughts , I am sure that someday I will meet the perfect match for me ^^ and this what I realized while talking to arap chan .

So to all people who think about the future a lot, STOP IT , cause its really tiring , just freeze your thoughts and enjoy the moment , and your destiny is already written anyway, so nothing will change the future ^^ just wish that your destiny will be the way you like ^^