Monday, October 27, 2008

look out ...ookinek is here ^-^

minna ,You know that cats in Jordan are famous for being skinny and ugly T-T, but ookinek is a different case , he is very fat and handsome (^-^), the first time I saw ookinek he was really hungry so I fed him a peace of burger , of course without mom's knowledge (okasan) , mom hates anything that is alive except humans ( meaning : she does not like animals) T-T
so she always tell us "don't feed cats cause they will annoy me " , well she has a point, every time I feed cats along with my sis , they start coming to our house from all over the neighborhood , Its like they form a network or something lol^-^

ookinek is like a fluffy cushion , whenever I see him I really want to hug and hold him.
here are some pics , the pictures are not clear because they were captured at night (SUMIMASEN)

Posing for the picture

kawaii ne (cute) ;p

The first cat I saw who can finishs a glass of milk

By the way :"why did I named the cat ookinek?"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Only one year ^-^

Imagine that only one year has passed since I started learning Japanese , I was always a fan of anime(Japanese cartoons) and interested in Japanese people^0^ but I never thought that learning the language was possible , I am really grateful to k chan because I started learning after meeting her and she was my first sensei ^-^yokatta

And also a big thank you to O sensei and S sensei who went back to Japan , they were really great and made me like Japanese language even more , and of course to T sensei , I have never seen a person like him before ,he is really dedicated and always there for us , also k sensei, she doesn't rest until the picture is clear(until we understand) . and finally my family who always supported me and believed in me more than anyone else .to all of you arigatou gozaimasu, thank you for making learning an adventure that is full of joy T-T

Its like I was reborn again , I mean my personality has changed , my life , even my closest friends. I am like a completely different person that is full of dreams , confidant and ambitious T-T

A lot of people around me think that I am just studying one of the languages in the world, but you know what, Japanese language is more than just a language for me , its like a passion that flows in my blood , this is what I said when oka sensei( My Japanese teacher at JICA) told me "don't forget learning Japanese" before she went back to Japan T-T

so I really want to ask you(minna) a question :"how about you , did learning Japanese changed your life the way it changed mine? I really wanna know!"

Share your thoughts ....jaa^-^

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday I finished level 3 exam and I passed with a good mark T-T , I was really busy it was very hard for me to study this time , I like studying Japanese more than any subject but I was busy with my work and having a lot of Japanese activities didn't help either #_#

The graduation ceremony will be held at the Japanese embassy on 1 November. we will have many activities:
1- Handing certificates
2- Watching a movie
3- Eating some Japanese food

I am glad that I finished level 3 , It was enjoyable and exciting , now I can officially say that I know Kanji ( Just 45 but I will learn all of them^-^ ganbarimasu) I cant wait , I wanna start level4^-^wish me luck minasan


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long day at work...O_o

My day at work was really weird, first the electricity went down at 10 Am , I was supposed to have my first training along with my partners( ayman san & Ahamad san), it was very boring waiting for electricity T-T , anyway the training was postponed to the next day.

After that, my sempai "Sumaia san" started talking about a new hot drinks machine at the cafeteria.
I was really excited when she mentioned " hot chocolate" , so we decided to try it , OK so what was the problem?
well, we didn't have change ( we needed 20 piaster for each one of us (5 people)) T-T
So we started wondering between the offices asking for change *-* , we spent almost 30 minutes looking for change, finally we collected the amount that we needed^-^

First I went with Ayman san , we kept staring at the machine like it was an alien or something , so we waited for someone to order and watched closely what he did in order to imitate what he was doing 6-6

After that , it was our turn , Ayman ordered first , he put the money , ordered and then he selected the amount of sugar he wants , nothing was wrong right .....guess again the cup was missing and the machine poured the drink in the air T-T I tried to save what was left but the cup was stuck T-T

So, imagine the situation , after all the humiliation that he has been through in order to get his 20 piaster , his drink was

but thank god that my drink was safe and sound...^-^ TOTEMO OISHIKATTA
so what do you think??? nice day ne

The machine

Inside the machine ..
when I went to capture the photos the maintenance guy asked
me why? and then he gave me another cup ...UreshikattaT-T

The other cup was pure chocolate..OISHIKATTA

Who turned the light off?? >x<

Today was supposed to be the first day of my training at work , but suddenly the electricity went down for about two hours (Denki ga arimasen T-T) , first I thought that it was just the company but then I realized from my partners at work that it was for the whole country O_o

I was really bored (TSUMANA) ,nothing to do *-*
Thank god that I had my mp3 (full of japanese songs that always cheer me up^-^ , news ga suki)


Thursday, October 16, 2008


JICA 22日しけんがあります。いいマルクがほしいです。まだべんきょうしませんからむずかしいそでもこのしゆうまつべんきようします。

I have JICA exam on 22 o_O; I want to get a high mark, The subject is not hard but because I did not study lately I feel that it’s REALLY hard , ensh2allah I am gonna study this weekend ^-^

Wish me luck みなさん


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nicolas Vujicic…a living miracle^-^

Yesterday I watched on TV something that really amazed me, it was so inspiring so I wanted to share it with you みなさん.

It was an interview with an Australian guy called “Nicolas”, he is 24 years old, born without arms and legs, he was depressed in his childhood because he was very lonely and also because he believed that he is the only one suffering in the world, he tried to commit suicide many times, but his parents kept encouraging him, so he completed his education and he even got three certificates in economy and business management in 2003 O_o

Guess what he can do?

He can swim, ride horses, do sports (golf & soccer), he was able to overcome his disability and he became the president of “Attitude is altitude” (one of the biggest NGO’S in America), and also a president of two big successful companies in the field of economy in Australia.

Now he is helping anyone with a disability and this is by making a healthy environment, he has been traveling around the world and communicate with governments and NGO’S to change the societies attitude toward disabled people and make them more involved in their societies^-^ He visited 19 countries hoping that he could spread hope to everyone with or without a disability T-T

Talk about the power of change, I was really encouraged to do my best in life^-^
Nick is an inspirational speaker and says, "Motivation gets you through the day, but inspiration lasts a lifetime."

Check out his website ^-^

Monday, October 13, 2008


I forget to mention the coffee of the Cafeteria ^-^


I started working at CCS; it is a company that works in the banking field which means Oracle.

At first I felt like an outsider, but everyone was nice to me, and they are so young ^-^ and this made the communication much easier^-^ よかった

After one week, I discovered that my friend “na2elah chan” from Just is training in the same company ^=^ I was so happy ^-^ and she moved into my office ^-^

What is the best thing that I liked in the company!...Guess what...The toilet lol^-^

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Japan Middle East Student Conference (JMESC) 2008 ^-^

It was a very busy week, I participated in a conference that was held at the Japanese embassy, it was for 4 days. Eight university students came to Jordan (they have visited Yemen, Syria and Jordan and they went after that to Palestine, Dubai and Egypt).

The first day we went to Wadi Rum and Petra, the trip was to break the ice and also sightseeing for us and for the Japanese of course.

The actual conference started on the second day, we discussed the definition of “the perfect university” for both the Japanese and the Jordanian side, I made a presentation, everything went well, thank god, and I didn’t sleep the night before だからよかった. After that, we went to a restaurant in downtown; we really enjoyed it, たのしかったです

The third day we discussed a very important issue, “foreigners problem’s”, it was really an interesting topic because there is “Takako saito san” who is an exchange student that lives in Jordan, she told us her experience in Jordan and the problems that she faced. It was a very long and tiring day でも たのしかった^-^

Last day we discussed “peace education”, it was a very sensitive issue but it made me understand more about Japan.

After that we did some cleaning, took some pictures, and held a farewell party , I brought “molokhiya” , everybody liked it , the Japanese side made a lot of delicious dishes  おいしかった, we cried a lot and that’s how the conference ended.ざんえんですT-T

I know very long post but I hope you will like it^-^


Sports time..O_o

On Thursday I went to the gym with my sister , all of our friends at JICA was there , it was really fun and also T sensei was there , it was a blast , I discovered that I am good at sports .

We spent two hours, and then we went home and then we …..Just kidding lol I am not gonna bore you with the long details ^-^


Even in Ramadan…^-^

The Japanese activities is always on, even in Ramadan we still have a lot of activities that are really interesting, we went to JAAJ for an event prepared by Japanese people who work in JICA office, first they tested our knowledge in Japanese culture, they were really shocked cause our knowledge is good -_^ and then they told us some scary stories, after that we were divided into two teams in order to have a competition, the purpose of the competition is to make one of the members wear the *yukata in a short period of time and the winner team is the fastest .


* is a Japanese summer garment. People wearing yukata are a common sight at fireworks displays and other summer events. The yukata is a casual form of kimono that is also frequently worn after bathing at Traditional Japanese inns. Though their use is not limited to after-bath wear, yukata literally means bath(ing) clothes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Turkey...everybody should go there

こんにちわ みなさん(hi everyone), I went to Turkey 3 months ago, guys you should save money and go there. ^-^

I went there with my おかさん(mother) and おとうさん(father) and also my younger brother , first we went to Aleppo which is a great city by the way , and from there we went to Antakya , It was really すごい(great) everybody was riding on their motorcycles ^0^, you can see an actual family on it, the father will be sitting in the motorcycle and in front of him his little son and his wife behind him carrying her baby , wow it was a strange view but at the same time it was amazing. And everybody speaks Arabic in Antakya because they are very close to Aleppo.

Castle in Aleppo


We stayed one night at Antakya and then we moved to Ankara, we went there for my sake, we visited the Japanese embassy, and Ankara was really awesome and really organized.

We also stayed there for one night.

The best place in Turkey is Istanbul, I really loved it because wherever you go in Istanbul you can still see the sea, and the view was breathtaking, there is an area called “Sultan Ahmet”, where Ayasofia exists, the place was really great, it was filled with people from all over the world, including “Japanese” T-T うれしかった. Whenever I saw Japanese people I start talking to them , I was really surprised because I could actually communicate with Japanese that don’t speak English at all T-T, I was proud and this made me decide to study harder.
> <

Ok back to our topic, Grand Bazar is a place that is filled with antiques; I really liked the place, and bought some souvenirs too.


During my stay in Istanbul, I visited a center for teaching Japanese (Japanese Culture Information Center), the owner of this center studied in Japan and he is married to a Japanese lady, he was really nice to me he even invited me to a nice cup of “ocha(green tea)” and “sushi” とてもおいしかった^0^

Ok so what about the language? well I learned some phrases that helped me in communicating with the people, and I noticed a little similarity between Japanese and Turkish, there is 8 vowels in Turkish, 5 of them are pronounced the same way as Japanese and some of the vocabulary are the same, also the sentence structure starts with the subject, object and after that the verb: p

Sorry for the long details : p I hope you enjoyed it.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Starting my own blog at 21

Yesterday was my birthday, I am 21 now!yey!, I feel great I hope that my year will be full of chances and opportunities, reaching 21 is really great ^-^

I realized that I am really lucky to have a lot of good friends T-T

Now when I celebrate my birthday next time I will also be celebrating the birthday of my own blog hopefully ^-^21