Wednesday, February 23, 2011

May god rest your soul...

Dear readers of my blog..

I want to tell you something...

I discovered the day I arrived to Jordan that my grandmother died , I was shocked and I didn't expect this at all. My family hid this matter from me while I was away ( which was the best decision especially in my case).

I understand that everyone will die at the end, this will happen to all of us at some point of our lives, but I just wanted to say good bye , kiss and hug her before she was berried.

may god rest her soul, I know that she is in a better place right now, my granny suffered a lot before she passed away and I know that she is resting now.

love you teeta ( grandmother ) , you will always be in my heart forever...

allah yer7amek ... until the next post ...salam

Friday, February 11, 2011

Congratulations Arab world ...

Hi readers of my blog..

I want to congratulate the Arab world, Egypt is finally free from its dictator Hosni Mubarak who ruled Egypt for 30 years now !! 30 years of hunger ,oppression , poverty , and corruption....enough is enough...I am proud of my brothers and sisters in Egypt , yes you made me even more proud that I am an Arab..

For the first time , the people of Egypt apprised against this oppression and stayed more than 11 days in Al-taher square not giving up until the dictator go away so he did.

This is a warning for all Arab presidents out there who haven't understand the lesson yet, be aware of people's HUNGER , be aware of people's ANGER...all Arab countries should look at Tunis and Egypt , they proved that they have the well of a free life and a democratic system. There uprising will be written in the books of history, a glorious revolution that will change the present and the future to come, hopefully to the best.

I have been watching the news waiting for this moment , people was waiting more than 30 years for this , this moment , this glorious moment finally came.

This revolution against dictatorship , oppression, corrupt should not just happen in Tunis and Egypt , all Arab countries can follow and can have a free life as they have a voice that no one can shut it(not now, maybe in the past they could)...

To all the Arab world and all the people who have been watching the news waiting for this moment ...congratulations...

someday, all Arab countries will be united without borders , having the same dream , the same vision ... we will be free..


I love this song, sang by people in Al-Tahrer square...

The moment Mubarak quite , the moment all of us were waiting for!!

until next post salam...^.^

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy new year ^-^

Hi readers of my blog ^-^

Today is the new Chinese year! and to celebrate it I will go with friends from my dorm to China town in Yokohama in which a special festival will take place. I wanted go to china and celebrate it there, but unfortunately I have no money and I am still having troubles with finding a new place @-@

My wish for the new year is to find a place to stay in after coming back to Japan, I really don't wanna become a homeless in ueno park T.T.
also I wanna be stable in my life in general...

I wonder whats your wish everyone for the new year? share it , write it here ^.^


I am in trouble !!

Hi readers of my blog ^_^

I am in a big trouble >_< I just received an email saying that I should leave the dorm by the end of 28th of Feb T_T ( I though that I can stay until April ).

The problem is that I will go back in the summer break on 14th of Feb to Jordan , so this means that I have no time to look for an apartment WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS T.T. In other words , I will be homeless when I come back to Japan until I find another solution ...

wow I mean what a big stressful problem... I have to move out and I have to find a place to put my luggage , its really really stressful, I hope that everything will turn fine T_T

I hope that I will figure something out ... until next post .. salam