Saturday, October 11, 2008

Turkey...everybody should go there

こんにちわ みなさん(hi everyone), I went to Turkey 3 months ago, guys you should save money and go there. ^-^

I went there with my おかさん(mother) and おとうさん(father) and also my younger brother , first we went to Aleppo which is a great city by the way , and from there we went to Antakya , It was really すごい(great) everybody was riding on their motorcycles ^0^, you can see an actual family on it, the father will be sitting in the motorcycle and in front of him his little son and his wife behind him carrying her baby , wow it was a strange view but at the same time it was amazing. And everybody speaks Arabic in Antakya because they are very close to Aleppo.

Castle in Aleppo


We stayed one night at Antakya and then we moved to Ankara, we went there for my sake, we visited the Japanese embassy, and Ankara was really awesome and really organized.

We also stayed there for one night.

The best place in Turkey is Istanbul, I really loved it because wherever you go in Istanbul you can still see the sea, and the view was breathtaking, there is an area called “Sultan Ahmet”, where Ayasofia exists, the place was really great, it was filled with people from all over the world, including “Japanese” T-T うれしかった. Whenever I saw Japanese people I start talking to them , I was really surprised because I could actually communicate with Japanese that don’t speak English at all T-T, I was proud and this made me decide to study harder.
> <

Ok back to our topic, Grand Bazar is a place that is filled with antiques; I really liked the place, and bought some souvenirs too.


During my stay in Istanbul, I visited a center for teaching Japanese (Japanese Culture Information Center), the owner of this center studied in Japan and he is married to a Japanese lady, he was really nice to me he even invited me to a nice cup of “ocha(green tea)” and “sushi” とてもおいしかった^0^

Ok so what about the language? well I learned some phrases that helped me in communicating with the people, and I noticed a little similarity between Japanese and Turkish, there is 8 vowels in Turkish, 5 of them are pronounced the same way as Japanese and some of the vocabulary are the same, also the sentence structure starts with the subject, object and after that the verb: p

Sorry for the long details : p I hope you enjoyed it.



Biraru said...

I always hear that Turkey's nature is very beautiful .. I hope to visit it one days ^^

ripo~to wo otsukaresama ^_^

Biraru said...

I mean : one day * :P

rua said...

ensha2allah you will ^-^