Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dreams become reality ^^

Hi minna , I am writing this post from the Thailand airport, it’s like a dream^^ Can you believe that it’s raining here!!! I can’t believe it, it’s like a time machine or something , new faces , different languages , different culture, it’s like an amazing adventure ^^

First, I took the Royal Jordanian flight, the plane took off at 2 10 am, so u can imagine how sleepy I was, but yet so excited ^^ the trip last for 8 and a half hours, I couldn’t sleep T_T but I am fine now ^^

Now, I am at the Thailand airport, waiting for my flight, I am gonna stay here for like 7 hours, my flight is at 10 40 pm, wish me luck, this is my final destination "OSAKA " ^^

WELL, I am living my dream right now, nothing better than living your own dream, so minna ganbatte kudasai ^^


Iman said...


el7amdolelah 3ala salamtek
inshalla to9ali osaka bsor3a

Rua san my will for u is to live every part of every second ok!

ganbatte ^^

guntur said...

the suvarnabumi airport in thai is the most tiring airport that i've ever seen.

btw u gone there for travel or something else?

AliG said...

hay rua-chan how are you, and are you having fun there, how is it?

wish you a good trip and send your pic's from japan every day, any way have fun and a safe return.

Kanji_chan said...

Rua chan! Hope you will enjoy each second and make great memories cuz u deserve it!
Waiting for the coming posts!

Qutaibah said...

have a nice journey best wishes
dreams come true ...
realy u are unbelievable girle with white kind heart (masha2 allah).
the life deserve u and u deserve more than the life ^^
Gunbatte kudasai...!!
"WELL, I am living my dream right now, -nothing better than living your own dream-"

EvaLuna said...

Rua thats wonderful ... I did not think you will be ale to post so soon ... take a lot of pictures but do not forget to LOOK and SAVE in your memory ...


rua said...

Iman thanks sweety ^^
Gunter ...exchange program

ali , amani , evaluna , qutaiba
thanks all

it was a dream coming true ^^