Monday, September 21, 2009

First 3 days ^^

I am really glad that I was one of the participants in the “Japanese language program for overseas students 2009” , along with 53 people from 50 different countries I shared the experience of a life time , I am really glad that I met a lot of people and made new friends all over the world.

Our nickname was AW, so in our travels, the coordinator “kumagai san “used to always call us “AW no minsan “, this was our name ^^

We arrived at 2 sept to Japan( The Japan Foundation , Japanese language Institute , Kansai ,which was in rinku port kita /tajiro cho /senan gun / Osaka )and our adventure begun ^^

3/9: we all gathered at the center hall at Kansai Institute , we had ice break activities, it was fun and actually it did break the ice between us ^^after that they gave us an orientation through the facilities of the center ^^

The laundry room in every floor ^^

The lobby in each 2 floors ^^

the kitchen in each floor ^^

The talking elevator ^^

The entrance ^^

The main lobby ^^ first floor ;p

The view from the cafeteria ^^

The cafeteria ^^

Inside the hall ^^

Outside the hall ( our first lessons where there )

The institute library ^^

The card that we used to enter our room and also pay for our food ( the magical card , I love you )

4/9:we learned kansai ben ( Osaka , kyoto , kobe and nara dialect )which was really interesting , like instead of saying arigatou , they say “ookini “ and instead of saying “ikura” they say “nanbo” , so it was a new thing in my Japanese study and something that u can never learn in textbooks ^^

Also, they gave us a guide for the trip, since the trip will last for a week, they gave us a clue where we are going and what to take with us ( there was a health paper , we kept on checking our temperature two times a day , its good because of the swine flu ).

In the same day , I had aikido which is a Japanese material art , I had fun , my body hurt me at the end of the day , but it was a new thing for me^^ so I really had fun ^^

Aw no minasan ^^

Osaka people are really nice and funny, they are simple, they smile to you back and they are really easy to talk with , I was riding a bike along with mai san ( Egyptian participant), and we wanted to go to a school , so we didn’t know where is the nearest school , so we asked an old lady about the directions , she was really cute and nice , she was riding a bike and she said that she will take us there , so she took us there and she was really healthy , she know the principal of the school so she contacted him and told him that we would like to enter the school , so he gave us a tour inside the school , we were really lucky , what is the chances for such thing to happen !!!

The school we entered ^^

So the first two days of our arrival was an orientation, that does not mean that we didn’t go to anyplace, we went with the group to many places near our center using bikes, I really envy Japanese peoples lifestyle, it’s just too healthy, their food, and all of them have bikes, so you can feel that old people are really young and healthy, this is something that I think that we should change in our lifestyle and learn from the Japanese people T_T

Anyway, here is the places we went while we were in Osaka, near the center (first 3 days)

This is book off , its a book store that contains alot of manga , its cheap because the books are old volumes and some are used manga , but its a very good store and it has branches all over Japan ^^

This is lawson , I always wanted to see this store , because I always used to see an ad for it done by my favouite band( news ) , and it was really nice to buy an onigiri and eat it while walking ;p

The big wheel in rinku town ,it is amazing , the view from it was breathtaking T_T


momiji said...

very nice photos ^^
waiting for more!

Anonymous said...

Many photos and report! I enjoyed them (^^)


Anonymous said...

رؤىىىىىىىىىىىىى كل عام وانت بالف خير
واااااااااااااو انت باليابان ماشاء الله عليك
خلص انا راح اضل اتابع البلوغ كل يوميا الله شو مشتاقلك .....المهم استمتعي بكل لحظة هناك وراح اضل على اتصلا دايما معك بالنت ان شاء الله
غامباتي رؤى شان
\(^O^)/ هبة

Qutaibah said...
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Qutaibah said...

alhamdo lellah 3la salameh^^
nice photos Ra2oosh chan :)
waw u went from one place to another on bike gave u a good view and u feel urself as japanese person I want to do that :P
mabrook ur first big step for ur dream realy I love this place so much I dont know what the magic that controle us from the first letter we learned it あ to now
that u cant catch ur prain from thinking in japan I cant wake up from this crazy dream (as my family say)and my life (as I say)
but u prove to me nothing impossible u can do every thing
u prove that there is other life in dreams
u deserve that and more than that
I never saw person like u who put aim and make it real in this
least time(same same as japanese)

AW chan whats mean :D
-Lawson is it like mol

waiting more in ur next post

Qutaibah said...

I want to go there :P

Kosuke, ぐっさん said...

It's just fascinating to see how you put your good memories of the first three days of the trip into one blog entry, i enjoyed it so much, so keep going !!ww

Also, you have good memories.ww

Oh by the way, somebody put up your singing of Arabic songs(which you sung at the final party), and I think your voice is very beautiful and I wanna go to Karaoke again with you when you come back!


rua said...

momji san :
hai , I am gonna put more pics ^^

shun san : thank you , I am glad that you are enjoying them ^^

Hebeh san :
w enti be alf 5eer ^^ Japan is a wonderful place , you should go there honey ^^

qutqut kun : you are gonna go there , I am sure that you will go there , you are very nice and you will meet the nicest people ever there ^^
and you will realize that yappari japan is the land of our dreams ^^

you will go there ^^

rua said...

KOsuke san :
I am really glad that u visited my blog , you know that I enjoyed this trip alot , but having the chance to meet such a nice guy like you is a blessing and of course I wanna sing again at the karaoke T_T with everyone and with u ^^

I wanna see the clip T_T where is it ??
I am glad that everyone enjoyed it , no one understood the meanings but this actually made it more touching for me , that althought no one understood but they enjoyed it , I am just honored and glad ^^

see ya kosuke san ^^