Monday, August 24, 2009

First night of Ramadan; p

Well, I have spent my first night in Ramadan outside, The Japanese people just came from Jerusalem and I wanted to see them , so I met arap chan at 8:15, we were the only ones that arrived on time T_T so we stayed and talked about girls stuff, I really enjoyed talking to her alone, after all she is my best friend ^^,then fahad , sultan , amane and arisa chan came all at once , I was really happy to see them.

We went to donuts house , I didn’t order anything , I was so full , no space T_T , we had alot of fun ;p

I returned home at 11:00 , chotto late but its ok ;p

ehab ( green T-shirt , he already went to japan , the same program , his advices were good ) , sultan and fahed , amane chan , ahmad kun , arap chan , tohoko chan , arisa chan , yohei kun , yodai kun , masako chan ^^

and this is it everyone ^^ mata ne ^^

sultan , fahed , masako chan , mahoko chan ^^

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