Thursday, September 24, 2009

Osaka...This was just the beginning ^^

The real adventure begun at 5/9 Sept when we packed our luggage for a one week trip , we went to many places , first , Kyoto by bus, Hiroshima by shinkansen( the fast train), then Tokyo by airplane ,then back to Osaka by airplane( JAL T_T) , so although it was for only one week , it was really busy and fun ^^

5/9 Sept: we gathered at the lobby in the kansai institute at 8 :30 , and we went along with kumagai san ( the coordinator) , Mikami sensei ( she was our teacher , she was really nice ) , 53 people ( our group) and also kosuke san ( he was a trainee at the kansai center , he helped a lot , otsukaresame deshita ;p) to our fist destination, Osaka- Jo ( Osaka castle) , we arrived at 10 am ^^ it was amazing , it really look old from outside , but it’s actually cool inside(air-conditioned and it even had escalators) and there is an amazing museum inside ^^

In the way to Osaka-Jo Castle ^^

Osaka-Jo Castle ^^

This is our guide ^^

Inside Osaka-Jo Castle ^^

The last floor in Osaka-Jo where u can see a breathtaking view T_Tthis is the best thing ever ^^

After finishing our tour in Osaka-Jo , we had a lunch break for an hour and a half , and then we gathered at the bus and left Osaka-Jo castle, after that we arrived at Panasonic center at 1 pm( , we split into 3 groups and we was introduced to the latest technologies of the Panasonic center and also what is the technologies available in the present and what is the technologies that hopefully will be available in the future , I am so sorry I don’t have pics of the center cause it’s not allowed to take photos inside the center , but it was really amazing to see technology industry in Japan^^
After that, we arrived at Konosuke Matsushita museum at 3 pm ,this museum was opened in 1968, konosuke matsushita was a Japanese industrialist, the founder of Panasonic which is a company based in the suburb of Kadoma (on the Keihan line), Osaka in Japan.

It was really interesting for me to know more about Panasonic, after all its one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world ^^

We gathered at the bus at 4 pm and left Osaka and went to Kyoto, we went there by bus , it took almost one hour ^^

We stayed at Karasuma hotel, I loved the hotel T_T it was really good , it was only for one night , but I actually enjoyed it ^^

hope you enjoyed Osaka , I fell in love with Osaka , next post kyoto ^^ matte kudasai ;p


Anonymous said...

wooooooooooow sogoy
am waiting for more adv & photo
wooooooow hontoni sogoy ^_____^

rua said...

Ah thank you heba chan , next is kyoto honey so be ready ^^

Qutaibah said...

I felt myself in japan when I read this post If u start reading u will never leave it
until finished
realy great thank u for nice summarization I sailed from side to side in this post
arigatou again for this summarization and for these so beautiful photos

I read something about the fastest train in the world
I dont know if shinkansen( the fast train) this train or not 581 km/h @_@

Osaka castle has escalators amazing :P
realy I surprised when I saw it in wikipedia how this castle in center
of city (how can make abalance between old and new)
its 60,000 square meters mean another city in main city (waw)

from today panasonic w basss
now I am from Kansai lovers :)

rua said...

Qutaiba kun : Thanks , I am really glad that u enjoyed the post , you know I am writing the details cause I want everyone to actually feel that they went there T_T

anyway, yeah I am gonna post pics about shinkansen , we went to hiroshima from kyoto by shinkansen ^_^ so wait a little longer ^_^

I also loved osaka-Jo castle , althougth the weather was really humid and hot that day , but since the view was wow , I enjoyed it ^^

I hope that u will go there in the future and witness such beauty with your own eyes ^_^