Friday, September 18, 2009

Arrival at OSAKA ^^

Hi minna ,

I arrived yesterday to Jordan , 5 : 15 am^^ My trip to Japan was more than I imagined , I didn’t feel the Japan is a foreign country , I felt that Japan was my home , maybe you will think that it’s weird to feel this way but somehow I felt that I can fit in the Japanese society and feel relaxed in it^^

Anyway, my adventure started when I arrived at 6 30 to the kansai airport, I didn’t believe that finally I am living my dream, I landed on the land of my dreams, for me, this was a huge point in my life, there was two people from the kansai center waiting for me, I arrived at the center at 7 am ,I was tired from the trip , cause it took 8 30 hours from Amman to Bangkok and I spent 7 hours in Thai airport ( transit) , and it took almost 5 hours from Bangkok to Osaka , so I was really tired , but I was so happy that finally I am in Japan ^^

My room in kansai institute ^^

This was the view of my room ^^


ukyou said...

hamdillah al salama!!

nihon report wo tanoshimi ni shiteimasu!!

Kanji_chan said...

Welcome to the "Have you ever been to Japan? YES i did!!" club!
Looking forward for the coming posts!

Qutaibah said...

waw so beautiful
if this was wonderful sight from ur room what a bout other
waiting coming post ^^