Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kyoto ^,^ I love you ...

As I said before , We stayed at Karasuma hotel which is located in Karasuma Shijo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, I loved the hotel T_T it was really good , it was only for one night , but I actually enjoyed it ^^

For more information about the hotel, click here ...

I went out with Richard san , Jordan san , Nisren san , yanjika san and others at the night we arrived to the hotel to a temple that was nearby by foot , I liked it a lot ^^ and also we were really lucky , we saw Maiko san in our way there ^^

In our way to the temple ^_^

A person drawing kanji , omoshirokatta ^,^

* Maiko san , we were really lucky ^_^
Maiko san:is a Japanese word for dancing girl and is an apprentice geisha. Maiko is also a feminine Japanese given name. The custom of Maiko started 300 years ago. In those days a Maiko was a young girl who treated a visitor to Japanese tea. After a while, the method of serving Japanese tea changed, so they started dancing. As years went by, Maiko became the present-day Maiko.)

The temple ^_^

Actually in my mind ,I always pictured Kyoto to be a very quiet place with traditional buildings and people wearing yukata , but I was really shocked when I saw the real Kyoto , cause it is a big city and its crowded with people , I was really surprised O_O but I actually liked it ^_^

6/9: we had breakfast at the hotel and then gathered at the hotel lobby 9:15 , we had already packed our luggage and left the hotel , our schedule was really busy , this what made this trip more fun and exciting . We arrived at Kiyomizu-dera temple at 9 45 am (It is an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto. The temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto , It takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the nearby hills. Kiyomizu means clear water, or pure water.), it was a very beautiful temple, and on top of that , the view was amazing, I enjoyed nature , the mountains were really green and this made my eyes relaxed, also near the temple , there was a market that was full of souvenirs , it was fun to shop there and it was not that expensive , but we didn’t have enough time though, so we didn’t buy everything we wanted to buy T_T

People drink from this water , the first one on the left is believed to give you a good lover , the second one is believed to give u more intelligence , the last one is believed to give you more health ( drinking from all of them is considered greedy >_<)

See what I mean by amazing nature T_T

After that, we went to a restaurant and had lunch together, it was really nice to have lunch with the group(AW no minasan), I did enjoy the food,Oishikatta( it was really delicious.)

After a really good meal, we went to kinkaku-ji temple at 1:45 pm (kinkaku-Ji means Temple of the Golden Pavilion, it is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.) , we enjoyed the scenery there , the clear sky , the green mountains and the water mixed really well together , it was like a painting , it was a great view , I will never forget it , I was lucky to see such beauty ^^

People usually give money here ^_^

I loved the fact that vending machine was everywhere ^_^ its very benri( conveniant )

After that we left to Kyoto station, and we headed to Hiroshima station by shinkansen (Bullet train) Nozomi 33 ^_^

Next post ... Hiroshima ^_^ so tanoshimi ni ;p


Kanji_chan said...

nice post!!
Everybody falls in love with kyoto from the first sight!(^_^) ..oh how i miss you, Kyoto

AliG said...

Kyoto looks so beautiful Rua chan and how was your trip i want to hear every thing from you about japan, oh are you coming to tomorrow's san kyuu class?

rua said...

Kanji chan : yeah I fell in love with kyoto , I didnt imagine it like this O_O I thought that it is more traditional , but I liked it ^_^

Alig kun : well , I have a lot to tell you , ashita there is class O_O I didnt know that , yeah sure I wanna come ^_^

AliG said...

rua chan i talked to ara chan and she say that the class will be next week T_T, but well cheack if there will be a class tomorrow, i cant wait to hear every thing from you, so see you soon....

matane ^^

Qutaibah said...

you must give a name for this exciting story like O_o .....mmmmmm ...ah..Rua's name....O_o
this is great second part :)
that person who drawing kanji hai O...MOSHI...ROIiiii must come to tha8afa street in jordan :P
"Maiko san" this first time I hear about this story
Kiyomizu in this way mean kiyo mean fall?

kenkaku-ji this place I must visit it someday the simplest that can I say about this place FANTASTIC...
just opened my mouth and eyes and lOOk for photos
ja waiting the 3rd series part :P

ukyou said...
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Qutaibah said...

Kiyomizu-dera I think its most anime

ulfah said...

it looks so beautiful, we`re going to kyoto next two weeks, can hardly wait :)

rua said...

Ulfah san : your gonna enjoy Kyoto ^^
its amazing everyone should go there ^^