Monday, February 2, 2009

What a wonderful weekend^-^

I spent a very lovely weekend, I gotta tell you, nothing better than seeing very good friends after a very long time^-^and that what happened, I went to A Chan's house and I spent a very nice evening talking about stuff we had to do, news band, and of course we talked about Japanese grammar like we always do, It was really amazing.

On Saturday , I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the day , but then after sleeping well till 11 , I felt much better , I went out with my best university friends that I love from the bottom of my heart, my instructors, Dr. Q and Dr. M also came (My favorite instructors at the university), I also met Dr.Q's friend, Z san , he knew him since university , I really wish that we will stay like them after many years from now, I have seen my whole friends that I missed so much , first ,after meeting and talking about how we have been lately... , we went to eat breakfast at 1 pm(I know!! Weird ne!) , so, we went to a place that have the most delicious omlets ever , and we enjoyed eating there until 3 pm , after that, we went to play bowling , I was really afraid of making a fool out of myself since it is my first time playing this game ,we went to kimpinski 's bowling hole , and we had a blast , at first I was acting like a fool , but then I made a "strike" that made my day (can you believe it , I still can't o_O) , then we went to Mecca mall , we went to the last floor where the games are , We played against each other , and guess what? I won .I discovered that I like the feeling of winning ^-^what a great feeling, I hope that all our lives will be bright and full of success.

After that ,I was really happy watching S kun making a fool out of himself riding rodeo ,I filmed it , and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did^-^
The day was long and funny,when I returned home I was tired but it was one of the best days of my life that I will never ever forget , I love my friends , they are my life ^-^(love you guys , hope that we will remain good friends forever).

Well, I talked a lot, enjoy the pictures ^-^

our food^-^

Bowling Hole



Naela said...

love u 2 mate

Qutaibah said...

have a nice days rua chan :)

Saemon 左衛門 said...

Green tables..
Could it be the American bakehouse?

I used to go there every Friday with my friends, but we don't go there any more.

Haven't been there for a loong time, I bet the menu prices are insane now.

Anonymous said...

you that you've enjoyed very much.
I wished I was with you ^-^.

rua said...

thank you naela and qutaiba ^-^

saemon san :it is ^-bakehouse , I liked the omlets (oishikatta)

thank u tade chan ^-^