Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lunch break ^-^

The best thing in the company that I work in is the lunch break , it is from 1 until 2 , we really enjoy it everyday .
today we went to buy shawirma ^-^(oishikatta)


B san coming to the car :p

our lunch ^-^


Anonymous said...

nice blog Rua =)
nice fingers ya toola in the last pic hehehe

Saqf (aka Ocha no Ahmad) said...

Salam Rua-san,

I really like your blog, and I check it out from time to time.

I have one small request..

Is it possible to try taking photos without the peace sign?

If you come to Japan, you will understand my feeling. (>_<)


rua said...

hi saqf san ,

thank you for visiting my blog ^-^

I think it is cute to take photos with the peace sign, and when I take photos without , I feel that the picture has something missing ^-^

ensha2allah , after I go to Japan I will see why^-^

thamk you again^-^

Biraru said...

『シャウルマ』が好きだけど肉の『シャウルマ』だけが好き。。鶏の『シャウルマ』あまり好きではない ^^;

Imo chan said...

I'm Hungry nowT.T

I want shawirma

enjoy ur day ^^

Kanji_chan said...


Biraru said...

and supporting to your post I ate Shawerma yesterday :p
of course meat shawerma ^^