Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daiso…Yokatta TvT

I remembered the times when I used to walk with my friends through the mall searching for a Japanese product, or the times when we wished that we can find anything that has to do with the Japanese culture, or something that has Kanji writing over it T-T

Well, this is the past friends and all of the people that is in love with Japanese products and Japans culture, because Daiso is here, It is a Japanese store that sells Japanese products (like el mo5taar *-*), and Daiso will have another branch in Mecca mall opening soon, prepare your self to the coming information, most of the items there are only 2 Jd ^-^( but after gathering lots of things you will be shocked by the amount of money u will pay T0T).

I am really glad that finally our wish minna came true (banzai, banzai \(^-^)/)

Now, enjoy the pics , and this store is in the Isteklal mall by the way V(^-^)o

minna , you should all go there ^-^


Qutaibah said...

Isteklal mall I visited it in last Th and I bought mug and chop stiks ^^

rua said...

ah Qutaibah san , my first visit resulted in me paying 30 JD T-T

but I was happy , I bought a lot of things for my room , I want to buy all the things in the store T-T

Kanji_chan said...

So you went there! That was fast=D
You know, going to DAISO in Jordan is 100 times meaningful and fun than going to it here^ω^

rua said...

Kanji chan , I felt really happy when it was opened , cause u know that it is rare to find something in Jordan that has a kanji writing over it .

but now I have a store for japanese stuff , I am so happy ^-^

I dont know about that , when I go to Japan and visit daiso there , then I can tell u ^-^

Imo chan said...

I'll gooooooooo

I think i'll collect all of my money and go there

thx Rua chan for the important info

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeh!~ there's also Daiso in Jordan???? i neverknew! we have also in Singapore...
oh, hi, rua! this is rasyidah! thanks for the URL! (^_^)v

rua said...

Imo chan :
yeah , you should pay it a visit , you will think that it is so cheap at first, but after gathering many things u will realize that your money is not enough T-T

rashidah san:
They opened it recently , that is why I am so excited ^-^
and thank u for visiting my blog.

Saqf said...

So we have to find another way to bring cheap omiyage from Japan. The Daiso trick no longer works. (-.-)

rua said...

Saqf san :
haha , it is cheap but because I love japanese stuff , I cant control myself *-* , I think that there is people who can buy a thing or two even if they love japan the way I do ^-^

but, for me , muri , muri T-T

Biraru said...

面白そう。。アンマンにあったらぜひ行って見る~ ^^

rua said...

biraru san :
yeah , I think that you should visit Daiso and I am sure that you will buy a lot of stuff ^-^

hiro said...

Ah, Daiso! It is a 100ye shop in Japan??
Yes, there are 3 Daiso stores near my house. :)
Last week I bought an umbrella for 100yen( and plus 5yen for tax)when it started raining suddenly. It's very convenient!