Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gazing at the contemporary World ^-^

Hi minna ^-^

Yesterday I went to an exhibition that introduced the contemporary photography of Japan. From the 1970s to the present day. the exhibition contained the work of a 23 photographers , it was really interesting , the pictures taken reflect the Japanese society , the transformation of it , and the people who live in it ^-^

I really enjoyed the pictures, also I met the new ambassador, he was really nice, I wish him luck in Jordan.

Although the weather was cold and rainy, but for me it was a very lovely evening.

ok, enjoy the pictures (the pics are not clear because it was taken from a mobile , sumimasen deshita)

I liked Hiromi Tsuchida photo, it is called Tokyo 2002 from
the series "New Counting Grains of Sand"

Tokuko Ushioda From the series "Ice Box", 1988

I felt the his work is special (it looks normal but I liked his work it)

jaa, see you next post ^-^


Dima Goussous said...

What a wonderful blog Rua :) I really enjoyed it. Really thanks a lot for posting all embassy events with photos! you are our marketing agent ;)

Dima Goussous

rua said...
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rua said...

thank you dima , I am glad that you enjoyed it ^-^

good luck with your research ^-^

Imo chan said...


i feel myself there :D

daisuke said...

Hi.I'm daisuke from taimoto brog.
Your Japanese is much good better than my English.(v^ー°)
jaa matane!

hiro said...

The photos are interesting, especially for me the refrigerator ones look interesting. :p
The food is culture, so you know some from the content of the fridge. hehe. And I also put some notes on the door of the fridge. :)

rua said...

imo chan : this is the purpose of my post , to make the reader feel he / she is there ^-^(thank you)

Daisuke san : thank you for visiting my blog , I am really glad , keep studying and your English will improve \(^-^)/

hiro san :This means that the photographers have succeed in achieving what they want , and that to reflect the Japanese culture^-^

minna, thanks for the comments^-^