Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wow , great episode OvO

I have watched a lot of documentary about Japan before, but yesterday I have watched a TV program on “Abu-Dhabi” channel , the program is called “khotwa” which means “step” in English , it was really interesting and fun to watch , the cast of this program went to Japan with the support of the Japanese government to let the Arabic viewer know about the success experiences that the Japanese people have been through , rich culture , their commitment , ethics , their determination and how they raised after the world war 2.

The episode presented many documentary videos that showed Japanese culture, customs, traditions, education and family, it showed also how the Japanese women manage between work and home, also a video showed the spirit of team work that the Japanese people have and accurate work.

The program also interviewed people working in Nissan and Arabic people studying in JAPAN, it was amazing, the best way I have seen in representing Japan ever.


amjad mahfouz said...
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amjad mahfouz said...

tab the episode is not available for us to watch?
thanks for posting

rua said...

I know T-T

yesterday I watched it , but there is no video T-T , I think after a while a video will be available , I WILL post it then , and this is a promise ^-^

thank u amjad ^-^

momiji said...

I watched it too!
I was moving between channels aimlessly, and suddenly i heard the word "يابان", and of course i kept on that channel and forced every one to watch it with me!w
It was great episode!!
I felt very proud that i'm learning japanese! ^^

rua said...

momji san : I am glad that someone watched the episode ,for me It was the best time an arabic side talks about Japan.

I was changing channels then as soon as I heard "Japan" , of course I didnt change ^-^

learning Japanese is the thing that brings happiness to my life , momji san , how long have u been learning Japanese?

Biraru said...
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Biraru said...

Unfortunately I haven't watched it (T_T)

rua said...

Biraru san : It was a great episode , I will try to find it and when I do , I am gonna post it ^-^