Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Venus…what a beautiful scene ^-^

On Monday a lot of people in Jordan noticed something in the sky o_O, something that is considered a rare astronomical event that is not expected to happen only after a thousand years for the whole region.

This wonderful union between Venus and the moon was seen clearly with the naked eye in many countries in the region.

Sara's pictures (enjoy^-^)

It looks like a drawing ^-^

It was really amazing, minasan, did you notice it? I did ^-^


momiji said...

Very nice shoot!

How to distinguish between stars and planets??
Even if i noticed it, i would notice it as an ordinary star!

rua said...

momji san : No it was like a drawing , I felt that it was not an ordinary thing , of course I didnt know that it was venus, but I didnt know how to explain it ^-^

Kanji_chan said...

It is not region specific, you can see it from nearly any where on earth. The 2 planets will come together again in 2012 but the whole combination of a new moon, Venus and Jupiter wont come again until 2052 ... (T^T)
I was looking forward to see it but it was a rainy evening(Big sigh!)

rua said...

kanji chan : sou nan desu^-^

you can still see it in 2052 right lol ._.

I took this info from a website and it was stated by the Jordanian astronomy society^-^

Biraru said...

أنا اليوم دريت بالموضوع

rua said...

biraru san : eeehh,hontou!!
zennen da^-^

ok then, you can join kanji chan , you can see it in year 2052^0^lol

kanji chan , you have a club now^0^

Biraru said...

yea.. we will watch it in 2052 and "Comet Hale" in 2062 in sha' ALLAH :p

by the way.. it's zannen ^^

a7medjo said...

well ,, the thing u r talking about kanji chan .. it's Nibiru ..check out my blog ..

>> nice pix rua chan ..

rua said...

thanks ahmad for the comment^-^