Saturday, December 27, 2008

May God help themT-T

I am really sad that the New Year for Palestinians at GAZA started with parents losing their children and children losing their parents, I saw kids on the TV talking about stuff adults can barely understand. They are familiar with seeing dead bodies and blood everywhere, hospitals does not have enough medicine and capacity to receive more victims, I am really sad T-T

The thing that annoy me the most is that I can’t do anything about it , as a middle eastern and a Palestinian girl I feel ashamed , all I can do now is pray for them T-T

May god help people at Gaza , I raise a prayer from the bottom of my heart.


megat said...

  I think your blog is really interesting ... especially this post :)

rua said...


I am really glad that you like it , I wish that I never had to do this post T-T

Lisa B said...

I am very sad too and so sorry for all the people in Gaza. What is happening to them should not be allowed to happen.

rua said...

thank you lisa , I really dont know when is this going to end?

Kanji_chan said...

A well written post Rua chan.
I join my prayers..

Qutaibah said...

today I shocked when I saw my friend and his eyes was blubbered I said whats happened then he told me" my sister and there husband and there daughter dead in gaza ..."
killing killing blood so sad for that not sorry bcz I hate this word
nothing we can do it just idiot manifestations and crying
may allah help us too

Fafy BloOm ::. said...

god help them..
where the hell is that peace they keep promising!!!.. they know nothing about peace and they will never do!

rua said...

thank you minna for your comments , I really appretiate it ^-^

farah thank you for the comment , it is your first time commenting^-^