Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TOKYO, "Stop air assault on Gaza" T-T

Around 200 people held a rally in Tokyo Tuesday against Israel's deadly attacks on Gaza and urged Japan to use its influence to end the violence.

Carrying flowers and candles, the demonstrators offered a one-minute prayer in front of the Israeli embassy, with a Buddhist monk ringing a bell for the souls of the victims.
They placed a letter of protest in the embassy's mailbox hours after delivering a separate letter to Japan's foreign ministry urging it to put pressure on Israel. Japan is a major donor to the Middle East peace process.

Israel attacked the Gaza Strip Saturday in retaliation for rocket fire from the territory, killing at least 360 Palestinians and wounding 1,690.

The banner say "Don't kill children"


Kanji_chan said...

There are some interesting videos here :

rua said...

ok , thank u kanji chan

Imo chan said...

I wish we can do something too

thx Rua senpai i^^