Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CCS...Good bye^-^

I quit working at CCS , it was a good company , but I didn't feel that it was my thing , today is my last day working there.

although I didn't like tasks assigned to me(oracle O-o) but I really enjoyed being there surrounded with a lot of good , caring and funny people ^-^ , It was fun.

In a previous post , I advised you minasan not to work in something that you don't like , and my opinion remains the same however , being in a working environment and communicating with people is a great experience that you shouldn't miss , As I move on , I wish that my life will get better , and I hope that my next career will be better than the one before ^-^

Good bye CCS , thank you for everything...I will always remember you ^-^

Outside CCS

The floor I used to work on , and this picture is
in the same floor , it always says "konnichiwa"to me

It looks like JUST^-^

I hope that next year will be better than the one before ^-^


Kanji_chan said...

Best of luck Rua chan!!!^^

momiji said...

tsugi no shigoto mo ganbatte kudasai^^

Qutaibah said...

Al7mdo lelah 3la alsalame ;p
good luck.
and we wish to u too .
T.C & ganbatte kudasai..

rua said...

minasan arigatou ^-^

ganbarimasu O(^-^)O