Friday, December 19, 2008

starting my new job^-^

Hi everyone ^-^

I have started going to my new job , its a great job, although working hours are long *-*,but I really enjoy it, because it is exactly what I like to do the most ^-^

so , minna , work in a job that you really like if you want to be happy ^-^

I start my day with a cup of Ocha ( green tea) , and I listen to Japanese radio stations while working , so time passes fast which is a great thing by the way ^-^

until the next post , I wish you all a a great day ^-^


Qutaibah said...

Omedetou Guzaimasu :)

momiji said...

now I can say loudly:

rua said...

arigatou ^-^

Biraru said...

atarashii shigoto wo omedetou gozaimasu ^^

Kanji_chan said...