Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eid…It was fun^-^

Just as I promised, I want to tell you minna what I did in Eid^-^

First day, as usual, I visited other family members along with my family, we kept driving from one house to another, but I really enjoyed it.
Second day, I stayed at home, family members visited us, It was also fun.
Then it was friends time , I decided to do something new , so instead of going out with my friends at night , we went out early in the morning , we agreed to meet at 11 am ,I was sleepy , I phoned h chan to make sure that she is still going , but I was surprised to find out that she was still sleeping O_o

Anyway, we decided to meet at “abu jubara” , a place for “falafel , humus and stuff” , it was really nice , having breakfast with friends is great.
Then we decided to walk to city mall, we decided to see a movie there called “madagascar2”, we talked a lot ^-^in the way (totemo tanoshikatta)

minna you should watch "madagascar2 " , totemo omoshirokatta ^-^
minna , tell me what did you do in Eid?


Barry said...

Happy Eid Rua.

sure you had allot of fun doing those stuff

I didn't know there is a snow in City Mall <_< !

pretty Fancy!

rua said...

happy Eid for you too ^-^

Biraru said...

for me I didn't do many things in the Eid ^^;
but it's enough for me to just be with my family.. this is the best thing in the Eid ^^