Sunday, November 9, 2008

Working…mmm T-T

Working is a great experience; it makes you feel that you can do anything you want(T-T).

But this is an advice, listen carefully , don’t work in something that you hate , even when you are still a fresh graduate , don’t work in something that you hate , you will hate yourself , hate the people around you and eventually you will be tired emotionally and physically, this is what is happening to me right now!

Life is so short, don’t waste it on doing something that you absolutely hate, you will lose yourself.

It is your life after all, you are responsible for it^-^

Jaa ^-^

I promise that the next post will be better hopefully ^-^


Qutaibah said...

sure u are right but what ur work now
try to find any or anything give u great experience makes u feel that u can do anything u need it to do ;p

rua said...

thank you qutaibah , but take my advice , you need to work on something that you really like , and this also applies for studying also , you need to study something that you like^-^

Saemon 左衛門 said...

You're right Rua-san, but be careful not to hate a job because of a few boring tasks. New employees usually get the boring repetitive tasks. And there are boring tasks in any job, no matter how interesting it is. Whether it is mind-numbing data entry or phone calls or bug-testing and so on..

By the way, your banner is very nice, it made me feel that Jordan and Japan are not so different after all. I don't know if I ever had this feeling before, but you made me feel it strongly..

rua said...

thank you very much saemon san for your words , I feel better now , I will try to cope ^_^

I am glad that you liked the banner^-^

thanks for the comment

Kanji_chan said...

The banner is truly great, I thought it was Tokyo for the first few moments.
Great job!!!

And...well...I can't give an advice on working since I'm still living a pure academic life, but がんばってください!

rua said...

kanji chan: I am glad that you like it , Amman and Tokyo match very well together ^-^

and Kanji chan enjoy your academic life cause I am sure you will miss after it is over T-T

momiji said...

"study something you like"...
I like mathematics very much so I have entered the uni as a student in the Mathmatical Dept. But, after a while i changed to computer engineering. I didn't like the environment there(environment here means student's way of living and thinking)
Maybe if I studied Maths. abroad I wouldn't change my major...

so may be it should be:
"Study sth you like in the environment you like"
"Work sth you like in the enviroment you like" ?

About the banner, It is really very nice!I didn't notice that it is two cities! I need glasses @_@!

Biraru said...

you are right.. I worked once in an office during summer vacation & I know that feeling ^^;

nice new banner.. it really show the similarity ^^

rua said...

momji san : you are absolutely right,the environment is very related to this matter

"Study sth you like in the environment you like"
"Work sth you like in the environment you like" , good I liked it^-^

I am glad that you liked the banner ^-^

Biraru san:

I am glad that Jordan looks very beautiful and similar to Japan , at least in the photos ^-^