Wednesday, November 12, 2008

J-drama…I am addicted^-^

Many people think that it’s a waste of time watching Japanese drama ,but I want to say that J-DRAMA made me closer to the Japanese society ,people ,language ,culture and traditions ^-^

So I am going to make a list of dramas that I have watched and my opinion:

To be continued>>>

So did you watched any of these dramas ?
I wanna hear from you minasan^-^


Anonymous said...

I do not watch the TV drama so much recently.
However, I watched a my boss my hero.
It was very pleasant.

Ganessa/Masa said...

Sorry, That's my comment.

rua said...

mase san thank you for your comment^-^

My boss My hero is really funny , I think it was my first J-drama , I liked it a lot

momiji said...

Recently i started to like japanese drama more than anime, it is more realistic, and useful.
I watched one litre of tears(the greatest drama), nobuta wo produce(very nice drama), hana yori dango(I didn't like it very much),and now i'm watching gokusen, hope it will be nice^^

Saemon 左衛門 said...

I tried to watch boku no ikiru michi.. dropped off halfway. I realized that drama series are much better ways to understand Japanese culture, but drama series, in any language, are not for me.....

Biraru said...

I don't like drama very much.. I prefer the Anime; but I've watched :

my boss my hero ...... (great)
hana yori dango ....... (nice)
hanayome wa yakudoshi .....(nice)
14 sai no haha ..... (very boring)
joou no kyoushitsu ..... (nice but made me angry >< )
Unfair .... (nice)
hanakimi .... (nice)

rua said...

momji san : You didn't like hana yori dango O_o, but it is really interesting T-T

one liter of tears is amazing ^-^

enjoy Gokusen , its very funny , similar to My Boss My hero^-^

rua said...

Saemon san : ah sou desu ne ^-^

I didn't watch it "boku no ikiru michi" , is it boring or interesting?

anyway , for me J-drama is part of my life T-T

rua said...

biraru san : ah , I know that you prefer Conan over all the drama in the whole world lol ^-^

Saemon 左衛門 said...

boku no ikiru michi.. it is interesting actually. But don't ask me about boring....

rua said...

saemon san : try watching "liar game" or "hana yori dango" , there is a lot of interesting drama , and I am sure that you will watch them till the end^-^

Biraru said...

just now I've noticed the sentence "to be continued" .. you should have written : つづく  :p

rua said...