Sunday, November 16, 2008

J-drama…I am addicted^-^ (part2)

I will continue the list that I made last time ^-^ and of course you can talk and share your opinion on any drama you have watched

I hope you liked this post , I wanna hear more from you minasan ^-^
so , did you watch any of the drama listed above ?
what was the drama that effected you deeply,why ?



Barry said...

Summer Snow very romantic I like it......... ONLY !!

girl this J-drama is Masterpiece,
with your comment no one will watch it -.- !!

to me Summer snow is my second best J-drama after 1 liter of tear.

so write more comment about it!

rua said...

barry san: as you can see there is a lot of dramas that I added and squeezed as much as I can ^-^

For me it is a very nice romantic drama but I didnt like it that much(compared with other drama)^_^

but anyway thank you for your comment
and what about the other drama , did you watch any of them ! if you did, I would like to hear from you ^-^

thank you for your comment^-^

Biraru said...

mmm.. I didn't watch any of the dramas appear in this topic.. ^^;
what's your recommendations ? shall I watch for example "liar game" ? 面白そうから ^^

rua said...

biraru san: I am sure you are gonna love "liar game" , I highly recommend it^-^

momiji said...

"taiyou no uta" is a movie, isn't it?
I've watched the movie. Nice story, but not directed well, I think.

rua said...

momji san: I didn't know that there is a movie for it , but I watched the drama , Its great , I like the actress in it ^-^

I recommend you to watch the drama.

Kanji_chan said...

I miss watching J-Drama..
Nice collection!

rua said...

kanji chan : どうしてドラマをみませんか?T_T

Kanji_chan said...


rua said...