Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Night out with my brother^-^


Yesterday, after work, I went out with my older brother, we really had a blast(although it was not planned 0_O).
We had dinner, checked a book store (prime^-^ I love this store) and we played some games, we really enjoyed our time, it has been a while since I went out with my brother

atashi no gohan,totemo oishikatta


Biraru said...

صحتين ^^

そして。。『ガーム』じゃない、、『ゲーム』です ^^

rua said...

wakarimashita , I am going to fix it ^-^

3la 2albak

Imo chan said...


its good to go out sometimes

t.c and have fun ^^

Qutaibah said...

hi how are u rua chan
sa7tean w 3afia
today I saw ur brother Ahmad I was so happy when he came to me and said how are u
he remembered me :P
this photos in oishii desu ne ?!
many times I tried to find it but:(
have a nice days
mata ne ^^

Anonymous said...

I love book stores too!
Book store is called ほんや in Japan. (^^)


rua said...

imo chan : arigatou for the comment and I had a great time^-^

Qutaibah kun:ah , he told me that he saw you ^-^ , and the resturant is not oishii , it is another chinese resturant^-^

anonymasu: arigatou gozaimasu for the comment^-^

Ganessa/Masa said...


rua said...

masa san : そうなんです^-^

Kanji_chan said...

eee.. where is my comment?
Nice pics and nice go-out!
Glad that you enjoyed oishi
( still makes me angry for not putting another 'i') ;p