Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have made okonomiyaki ^^

Hi minna ,

I can officially say now that I have made my first okonomiyaki ^^, jitsu wa ( the truth is) that my brother wanted me to make it for him because I have been talking a lot about how delicious it is , and I have eaten it before in M sans house ,so he wanted to taste it and he was really excited , so minna , I wanna share the recipe with you.


6 eggs , one glass of flour , konbuda ( it is like maji) , shrimps , half a cabbage


Mix the eggs and the flour , and put some salt and pepper with it .


Put the shrimps and mix it well^^


After that you can add the cabbage ^^


Prepare the pan and use a non stick pan , it is better ^^


first try

final result

I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did .


momiji said...

no raw fish, no seaweeds, no unavailable ingredients,
well, i think i will try to make it;)
Thanx for the recipe!^^
Your brother is lucky!^^

Imo chan said...

niiice another food post
and with recipe too^^

y do i always see ur blog when i'm hungry xD

it looks delicious
i'll try to make it after exams :D
thx a lot ^^