Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Japanese-Language Program for Overseas Students (Outstanding Students) 2009

hi minna,

I am really happy , I passed the exam , it was really hard , it was 5 levels more than the 5 levels in JICA , but I PASSED , and guess what, I am going to Japan in sept , yeah ^-^

thanks to K sensei and T sensei who encoureged me to take the exam , without them ,non of this would be possible ^-^

and sorry for not postiong lately , it is just that I have been extremely busy in work , so sorry guys T-T

see ya


Barry said...

mabrooook \(^_^)/
ya 3ammi shoo kuul hada
speech contest first and now no.1 in embassy Exam ....!!

eeeh da kuullo eeh da kulloo !!

3o2bal el scholar ship ^,^

Imo chan said...


yaaaaaaay i'm SOO happy for you

ganbatte ne rua san ^^

rua said...

Thank you barry , I am really glad , I wish that u can come too , demo I know that you are going there sooner or later .

imo chan : you r next , ganbatte , daigakku de ^-^
you r next honey

momiji said...

That's GREAT Rua san!
Omedetou Gozaimasu!
I think this program is better than the other(youth exchange), in this there is a plan for studying in a Japanese Language Institute for two weeks. urayamashiii~

Ganbatte ne!><

Kanji_chan said...

Rua chaaaan!!
waiting!! ^^

rua said...

momji chan , yeah I know thank god ^-^

Kanji chan : mochiron , I am gonna see ya in 9 gatsu ^-^

Qutaibah said...

Rua chan I am so happy for that we waiting ur intensive posts after u are come back from japan step by step in details :P^^
enjoy in every second
gunbatte kudasai...

YzN said...

omedetou~~~~~~ \(^o^)/ Rua chan !
alf alf mabrook

*repeats Barry-san's post*

good luck Rua
ganbatte ne !

rua said...

minna thank u and dreams do come true , dont let anyone deny that , in life we r the masters of ourself ^-^

Saemon 左衛門 said...


Prepare for two bombastic weeks!

If you want any help or tips for those two weeks or info about kansai center, let me know.

rua said...

Thank you saemon , yes I am glad that you said so , please tell me more about it ^-^

anas said...

gambatte rua ^^

Marco said...

Hello! I am going in september (just 2 weeks from now) too!!! I am going from Costa Rica! See you in Japan!

paridhi said...

hi rua san
omedetto gozaimasu!!
i am paridhi from india amd i too am going to japan on september 2nd.