Monday, May 4, 2009

amazing night ^-^

For all the people that always check out my blog, I am really sorry for not blogging recently, I was extremely busy T-T

anyway , I went to my best friend engagement , I was really shocked when she told me that she is getting married because she wasn't thinking about it in the first place, It just happened , I really enjoyed my time , I was very happy for her ,
She was like a princess with her beautiful green dress, and her expressions were amazing too, I have seen also some old friends that were with me in the university We danced, joked and had a blast .

Her mother and father where glad and happy that I came, I know that one day (in the long future) when I get married she will
be there for me.

I returned home early, the engagement party started at 6 pm, I was at home by 8 30 pm, high heels sucks, my feet was in pain the Whole night, and also I hate makeup but I put some last night, so other than that I enjoyed the night .

I wish my best friend happiness and a good future with the lucky guy that she is going to marry because she deserves the best.

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