Monday, June 8, 2009

My grandmom entered the hospital T-T

Hi all ,

today ,I was really shocked when I returned home to find that my grandmamma is in the hospital , she is so weak , she fell down and broke her leg , she is so old and weak , it made me realize more the painful fact that human beings get weak as they grow older T-T

it was like a shock for me , it was so sudden , I wish that she can get out of it fast , she will spent time in the hospital as she might need an operation to fix her broken leg , ah , life is so hard .

so see ya next post , everyone T-T


Biraru said...

أسأل الله أن يشفيها ويعافيها ، وأن يعيننا في كبرنا

Maram said...

Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about Teita, haven't read ur blog in a while. Please send her my deepest salams. I hope she's better now. Please update about her health every once in a while.

rua said...

maram , is that u ? r u in jordan , if you r in jordan just call plz or at least tell me , I need to talk to u T_T