Monday, May 25, 2009

Donuts that I had made ^^

Hi minna ,

My little brother asked me to make him donuts , I told him that I cant , but he brought a cooking book to me , opened it at the page of "how to make donuts " , I didnt want to make them at first , but when I saw how he really wanted them , and how he was willing to help me make them , I decided to make donuts ^^


amjad mahfouz said...

he is a lucky brother :D
where is my piece(s)?

Imo chan said...

i wanna tast it :(

momiji said...


rua said...

Thank you amjad , now , he wants me to make for him "okonomiyaki" ( a japanese dish )T-T

imo chan : hai hai , I will make some for u ^^

momiji chan : hai hai , ensha2allah , I will make you some too ^^

Qutaibah said...

konnichiwa R chan
but...........when u go to the right side donuts become more black (why?) :P
and why some Donuts removed before O_o (just kidding :P)
I am sure if I start eat these donuts I will never leave any piece :P

Biraru said...

おいしそうだから俺も食べたいな~ ^^