Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nippon koi ???

Hi minna , I started working and guess what ??

at the same floor that I am working in ,there is a company that is called "nippon koi " , yes it is a japanese company , most of the people working there are japanese ^-^lol.
it is like whereever I go I find Japanese related stuff ^-^\

anyway , I went to my class today but I just attended the last 15 minutes cause my work ends late!!T-T

but it is fine , I will study alone ^-^ I am happy now , anyway the japanese people at my floor were surprized when I told them " Ohayou gozaimasu " ^-^

jaa , see ya next post


ukyou said...

Rua san!

Thanks for this nice post.
It is really great that you have a chance to meet with native speakers at the workplace!

Show'em the awesome power of JJLC students!

By the way what kind of a company are they? Can they be by any chance Nippon Kouei? The Engineering consultation firm?

By the way, we are need new posts :D

amjad mahfouz said...

Congrats Rua , keep it up ... wishin u the best this life can offer.

rua said...

sensei :

well they are at the same floor , so it is a good chance to practice more ^-^

ganbarimasu , all I know that they are a company that have alot of projects that has to do with Iraq , but I will ask for you , and I will make sure of the name , cause a Jordanian girl told me the name , I didnt read it , I will check ^-^

I will give you more post ensha2allah ^-^

thanks man , you r nice , take care ^-^

Barry said...

your one of the best student in our class....
the time has come for you TOO! to run in this language

never miss your chance...
do your best mate

Imo chan said...


Japanese in the work place too :D

STAY there this time :P