Sunday, May 27, 2012


Salam Mina san ,

Recently a documentary made by the BBC was broadcasted And uploaded on YouTube.This documentary made the king himself angry and made me very upset on a personal level!

It took place in 2 centers for handicapped And children with mental problems. A young woman named "Hanan" working with the BBC as a reporter volunteered in these 2 centers to observe the real situation and to figure out how children are treated. She had a hidden camera attached to her outfit to get a clear picture of whats going on!

So, what was the reality behind the closed doors of these 2 centers ? Are children being treated with care? Does the treatment received by center workers matches their physical or mental disability?
No , they are not being treated like humans beings. Moreover, It's not even a shock to most of Jordanians. We all know that children are being abused at their homes , schools , so whats new!! Even the ministry of Social services is aware of the situation!

I am sure most of the Jordanians reading this post already saw the video of a student in fist grade being pressured and threatened to be beaten by his teacher to write number 9 !!

It's not the knowledge that people missed to get upset nor the awareness , it's the feeling that is attached with this knowledge , to see that awful treatment in a video and to actually see what is happening in details to these this is new!

I was shocked to see to what extent this violence reached ... I expected emotional and physical violence but not to the extent that a child enters the center walking and leave it unable to ... This is something that I could not imagine nor understand!
Why ... Why...WHY!

The documentary showed a case of a child who entered the center having a mental problem, his father took him after finding about the mistreatment he received only to discover that his child cant walk anymore!! instead of improving his mental disability the center added another one! the father wanted to sue the center but the laws and regulations were not helpful and takes long time for investigation. More laws should be added to protect children!the current is not enough nor efficient! Another case was a child from Emirates whose father wanted him to enter a center in Jordan- as centers in Jordan are famous and known for their good quality treatment >_>- the father was shocked to see his son's body covered with burns. The center claimed that its because of an accident. however, the doctor who saw the child said its due to a chemical formula!! seriously whats wrong with workers in the center ...this is unacceptable , they are monsters!!

of course these are the extreme cases, other awful things took place as well. a child seeking attention from one of the center worker saying " I Love you " only to receive a slap on the face as an answer. another child was tied up to a chair not given food nor care.children picking up food from the ground which shows that they are not being sufficiently fed! they are dragged like dogs to the classes against their well !! whats wrong ? why ? why in Jordan ? why in an Islamic country this thing occur ? why in an Arab country this happens?

What made me even angry and upset about all of this was 2 things !! one is that these centers get almost 1000 dollar for each child a month ...this is a lot of money ...The normal excuse that people assume when they see these workers bad treatment to children is" oh maybe the salary is not good!!" but these centers get a lot of money and yet we see children fetching for food in the ground !!

Second,most of these workers are wearing full hijab ( scarf covering the head) , so you expect that these women are doing that to please alla(god). I was so upset as hijab is the most wonderful thing ever, but they just make a bad image out of it. they don't understand what Islam is all about and this is the case of many people living in Arab and Islamic countries. they don't understand true Islam. cause if they do even if they get paid one dollar a month they will prefer to die before treating children this way as they know that on judgment day these deeds and injustice to others can be a reason for making them enter hell!! In the video, a new worker just started her first day and she was saying to a child " set honey, set sweety" and the child was not setting for some reason, then her senpai (senior employee) comes in to give her an advice and proper training , she said " why are you calling him that , instead you grab him like that and kick him and then he will set ( she did that while explaining). The good thing is that these 2 centers were closed ... strict procedures are needed and more supervision of these centers should take place, not just these centers also at schools to make sure that this will not happen again !

here are the documentry ...I am sorry no English subs , will look for an eng subs for it ...but you can clearly see the mistreatment in these centers! salam (peace) see you next post !

This report made me think of life deeper ...I am studying Human Security and Communication in Japan... and this made me wanna work in the future in something that may changes peoples life,I know it may sound cheesy but I truly wanna be part of developing my country ...I wanna have a role in changing the situation we are in right now ....good treatment is something that we all deserve as human beings. In Japan I see handicapped and people mental disabilities that are able to take the train alone and go to places that are far from their homes !! To see these children in Jordan going through all that made me very sad, touched and encouraged to do something !! I will ensha alla , I will ( with the well of god ) , I will make Jordan a better place!! I Believe that change starts with yourself spreading to your community and then to the society...we can make a change!!


Joan said...

You have very interesting blog! I like it.
I will looking here often, so I'll add You to my friends.

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rua said...

Thank you Joan for your comment , it made me happy!
Thank you for adding me as a friend!
you are cute so as your blog :)

sorry that you didn't get to see the full post at the time of your comment ^.^ now it is complete ... you can read all of it ...I Know its very long ... had a lot to say I guess ;p

laugh from Rua :D

Anonymous said...

sure our countries needs development from thinking to everything in our life...

its usually to see a teacher hits his students.

the husband has the full right to hit or kill his wife.

police officer degrade citizen.

overall we are lives in a forest and there is no social respect and a lot of us brought up on this.

BUT, our generation different from the older and older.

we think..
we plan..
we do..
we change..
we .......

Thanks for you Egyptian guys, you proofed how dreams could be succeeded.

rua said...

anonymous I agree with you ...
we have so many problems in our country and society , but we still can change !!

we are ensha alla better than the generations that have passed ... (or at least we hope to be ).

only the future will show us how things will turn out ! ^.^